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WWE Summerslam coverage: Divas Title match

(2) Divas Title Match: Alicia Fox (c) vs Melina. Melina is dressed in a yellow outfit similar to that of a Vegas show girl. Matt Striker mentioned Alaundra Blaze vs Bull Nakano and says Bull was always the favorite of Lawler who acts like he throws up. The crowd is really into Melina. Curb stomp from Melina on Fox. Alicia has taken control of the match. Things have slowed down a bit and the crowd has gone silent. Melina’s knee seems to be bothering her. It could be a work but Fox is not working on it so I don’t think it is. Melina screams and hits a modified snap mare into a face buster and gets the win and the title.

Winner: Melina

– Josh Matthews is in the ring to interview Melina but Michelle McCool and Layla come out. They are running down her looks. Layla says they have no competition tonight as they have beaten everyone on Smackdown. Michelle says Melina has goose bumps all over and Layla says that it’s just cellulite. Layla try’s to get her picture taken with Melina but gets shoved away. Michelle attacks Melina and they beat her down. They take her out to the floor and put her against the announce table. McCool then runs at Melina and rams a big kick into her face. Layla and McCool steal the Divas title and walk off.

– Several celebrities including Marlon Wayans and Trade Adkins are shown at ringside.

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4 Responses

  1. johnnybadd says:

    is bull nakano even alive anymore?

  2. Reyo says:

    The Winner and New!!! WWE Divas Champion Melina!!! Great here comes the WWE women’s tag team champions! Laycool! I think I just paid 45 bucks to watch smackdown!

  3. tony storm says:

    @ johnnybadd
    she’s still alive the last I heard she’s a pro golfer
    don’t really care for divas matches
    but alicia fox just wasn’t getting over….

  4. asp says:

    Oh look she won the title, BIG FLIPPING SURPRISE, the selfish ego freak clearly demanded to get win it or wouldnt rush back, disgrace.

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