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Summerslam SPOILERS

– The Wrestling Observer reports that The Undertaker is expected to play a part in the finish of tonight’s Kane vs. Rey Mysterio world heavyweight title match.

– The source also reports that there is thought to be an angle, whether a turn or a new player involved, in the 7 on 7 elimination match main event and that aspect is being kept quiet.

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  1. John Simko says:

    I’d like to see triple H the 7th member of Team WWE, or maybe Brian Danielson? Hmmm…

  2. tommy says:

    i belive it will be the cena heel turn and a new member making it 7 on 7 with possible miz being number 7 and then using iot vs the winer of shamus orton match and losing it. again. with taker a sure in the kane match making kasne vs taker next ppv

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