WWE Summerslam coverage: Big Show vs The Straight Edge Society

Aug 15, 2010 - by staff

– Footage is shown of SES breaking Show’s hand on Smackdown.

(3) The Big Show vs CM Punk, Joseph Mercury and Luke Gallows with Sarena. Show has a black cast on his injured hand. A trainer comes out and takes the cast off showing that Show is fully healed. Big Show is totally dominating this. He tosses Mercury over the top rope and down on to Gallows on the floor. A loud CM Punk chant breaks out. Punk is now in the ring and Show is taking it to him as well. Show trys to shop Punk on the outside but he moves and Show nails the steps instead with his right hand. This has turned into a three on one attack now. Show goes for a chokeslam on Punk but he gets out of it. Punk and Sarena are leaving. Show chokeslams Mercury on to Gallows and gets the win.

Winner: The Big Show

– Backstage Kane is standing by a casket as some creepy music plays. Sheamus walks in and says the casket is to big for Rey but perfect for Orton. He asks Kane if he can borrow the casket and Kane says no. Sheamus tells Kane to stay out of his way. Kane says he likes Sheamus because he has guts but they will be all over the floor if he ever bothers him again.

– The Miz is out to the ring. This show just feels like another Raw or Smackdown at this point. Miz talks about how everyone is begging him to be on Team WWE. He said Cena told him that he is the only Superstar who can see him, Jericho gave him a Fozzy album and he tossed it in the trash, Morrison said Miz is the HBK of their team and Truth wrote him a crappy rap song. He says he is the face of the WWE and the future of the company. He teases if he will join team WWE or not and says yes. He says he will lead them to victory tonight and no one will be talking about Nexus.

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