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Note about TNA’s EV 2.0

Most of the talent in the new EV 2.0 faction have agreed to short term deals with TNA – running through October’s Bound for Glory PPV. The group will feud with The Fortune – which for the purpose of the program will also feature Matt Morgan and Doug Williams. The matches are to set up a Lethal Lockdown match at Bound for Glory.

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  1. Mimuran says:

    ughhhhh……….TNA now has some sort of angle that’s a reversal of the WWE-NXT storyline…. And since it’s gonna be younger/better wrestlers against old/washed up wrestlers, we’re gonna see some horrible botch-fest matches that aren’t out of the ordinary in TNA.
    Way to keep it classy TNA, this is why no one watches you

  2. johnnybadd says:

    so if ev 2.0 saves tna will they extend there deals or will tna scrap the idea?

  3. Mimuran says:

    johnnybadd, no one can save TNA
    and if ECW (I’m not calling it that ridiculous name) does manage to save TNA, I can expect the company (TNA) to take full credit saying that they did it and no one else did just like they have done in the past…..maybe keep a few keys players

  4. Adam Bockler says:

    “johnnybadd, no one can save TNA”


    I don’t mind the EV2 storyline, but I think this waters down the Lockdown pay-per-view’s Lethal Lockdown match.

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