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8/13 TNA house show results from Baton Rouge, LA

8/13 TNA Results: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

– Jay Lethal def. TNA TV Champion AJ Styles.

– Madison Rayne def. Taylor Wilde.

– Jeff Jarrett def. Kevin Nash.

– Team 3D def. Ink Inc.

– “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero def. Matt Morgan.

– Jeff Hardy def. Abyss in a Monster’s Ball match.


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  1. tommy says:

    tna advertises tnation byuit the rules dont follow as they advertise a xcontest with myspace and never deliver ojn whatb thye promise as for helping promote their tna buisiness in your local cities supposedly get free tickets and shirts? well i mdiont get mt shirts nor did i get my tickets imhad to pay for my trsveling fees to and from all 3 cities i promoted for. as they were last yuear here in my city i promoted for alexandria, bossier city, and monroe,la and got nothing from monro or alexandria events but all i got was nosebleed seats for bossier city
    so fair warniong dont believe the hype oer crap of tnation as the head guys alex iz only hand picks who he sends merchandise to and thats all his northern budddies close friends.
    do you think thats fair?
    to me lesson learned, dont help someone if you expect something in return justb like if you worked at walmart its all BS they do discriminate

  2. Ryan says:

    no such thing as a free ride in life.

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