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Today’s History Lesson

Today’s History Lesson—August 14th

8/14/1999—highlights from 1999 WCW “Roadwild”
-Harlem Heat defeats Kanyon and Bam Bam Bigelow, to win the Tag Team Championship.
-Chris Benoit defeats DDP, to retain the United States Championship (no-DQ match).
-Hulk Hogan defeats Kevin Nash, to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

8/14/2000—Kane chokeslams Undertaker through the center of the ring, on “Raw Is War.”

8/14/2006—Lita defeats Mickie James, to win the WWE Women’s Championship.

8/14/2007—Armando Estrada becomes General Manager of the ECW brand for WWE.

8/14/2009—WWE superstar Eugene is released from his contract.

-Bob Backlund (born 1950)
-Bobby Eaton (born 1958)

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