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TNA notebook: Mick Foley, Bischoff, merchandise, and more

– is currently holding a summer sale with up to 75% off on most items in the store.

– Eric Bischoff posted on his Facebook recently that ROH is a joke and has not drawn a dime on PPV or at live shows. This was in response to some comments made by fans on his page.

Tommy Dreamer interview from the UK.

Mick Foley returns with a new blog.

UK fans can win a trip to No Surrender.

– Cover art for the “Best of the Asylum Years” DVD due out on 9/21.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Eric Bischoff is too concerned with numbers, money and ratings. Screw those things, the fans want the wrestling. The good wrestling. It’s one of the reasons WWE has lost so many fans and is so catered to children today, because children don’t care about the wrestling. TNA is too much about the “woo” factor these days and not enough about the wrestling. ROH is the only true wrestling show on TV. It’s too bad their numbers do suck though since if they were higher, they could expand and be a bigger company. I do understand and am fully aware of the business aspect of it, but I’m sure the people on his page don’t care about that. ROH is leaps and bounds better than TNA and WWE when it comes to pure, technical, entertaining WRESTLING!

  2. Ryan says:

    the only thing Ring Of Honor is Lacking is a Big Money Televison Presence, as long as they don’t sell their souls for big money, and stay true to their loyal "CORE" audience, they will be here for a while

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