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TNA Impact and Reaction Ratings

Ratings from Thursday night…

Impact (the whole F’N show) special – 1.15 cable rating

TNA ReACTION, which followed Impact – 0.9 cable rating.

We should have more ratings details next week.

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  1. brandon says:

    Looks like the whole f`n show didn`t do f`n much for the ratings.

  2. steve says:

    it’s a damn shame, i could get to crap about ratings but that’s how the biz is right now. that was a great show they put on this past week. and i could care less what anybody says about it.

  3. Funk says:

    I agree its a shame that the show didn’t get a higher rating then the previous weeks Impact’s but I believe it was the best wrestling show of the week without question. Definitely the best Impact of the year so far, hopefully there will be more great shows to come.

  4. zelix apata says:

    five bucks says this will be used by Bischoff and Russo as "proof" that wrestling doesent sell, forced shock value and big dudes sell. so instead of desmond wolfe, we will get orlando jordan getting tv time. instead of samoa joe, we will get rob terry. its a shame, this only strengthens their anti-wrestling argument.

  5. Ryan says:

    Consistancy is the key, TNA must follow up this show with an even stronger show. If they show they can streak 4 shows and a solid ppv together the ratings will come.

  6. reyo says:

    That’s not really all that bad I mean they are using a lot of ex wwe talent who drew big ratings for the WWE. Essentially TNA is running the same show WWE does. The same format, just different characters.

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