Smackdown Report 08/13/10

Aug 13, 2010 - by staff


We start the show with the New Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and his girlfriend Vicki Guerrero. They say they are going on vacation together and skipping Summer Slam. Kofi Kingston then rushes the ring and attacks Dolph. Kofi gives a serious beat down until Teddy Long comes out and says that Dolph and Vicki need to cancel their vacation. Sunday at Summer Slam Dolph will defend his title against Kofi. He also says that Dolph will wrestle Rey Mysterio tonight. Vicki then puts Kofi in a match with Kane scheduled for right now!
In Ring Action….
World Heavyweight Champion Kane v. Kofi Kingston

Kofi gets some quick offense in on Kane. But before long Kane takes control and brings Kofi to his knees. Things work their way out of the ring and Kofi hits a suicide dive through the ropes on Kane. Well it was through the middle ropes, so we will call it a suicidal tendencies dive. Kofi goes for a top rope move but Kane catches him in the choke slam. Followed by the tombstone for the pin.

Winner-World Heavyweight Champion Kane

After the match Kane tells the crowd that Rey is the one that attacked his brother the Undertaker. Kane says he will make Rey pay on Sunday. Hit Rey’s music. Rey says it was Kane who attacked the Undertaker. He says Kane has lived in the Undertaker’s shadow his whole career, his whole life. On Sunday Rey says he is going to take back what is his, The World Heavyweight Title.

In Ring Action….

Christian v. Cody Rhodes

These two wrestled a couple of weeks ago and Christian came out on top. So I got to believe that I have a better chance to win this match then Christian does. Cody uses his size to make this a classic wrestling match. He wrestles like his daddy did. Cody plays the heel well. Christian just really hasn’t found his place in this company. Christian gets a very near fall with a simple sunset flip. But Cody gets the win with the Cross Rhodes.
Winner-Dashing Cody Rhodes

More in Ring Action….
Handicap Match

The Big Show v. 3 jobbers
A quick match just to show what it will be like on Sunday when Show wrestles the Straight Edge Society. At the start of the match the SES comes out and watches. Show wins in about 2 minutes.

Winner-The Big Show

After the match CM Punk tells Show that Sunday they are going to show Big Show what SES is all about.

Even More in Ring Action…What is this ROH???

Matt Hardy v. Drew McIntyre
This match should have been booked for a pay-per-view. All the lead up and it ends with a big tease. Hardy seems to be working stiff. Matt is really heading down a dead end road in WWE. Drew is going the other way. Drew works on Matt’s leg and takes off his boot. Matt can barely walk. Drew hits his Future Shock DDT.

Winner-Drew McIntyre
Sad night for Matt.

Back in the Ring….

Jack Swagger makes his way out to tell the crowd how he was screwed out of the World Title. He tells the crowd how pathetic they are and how much better he is than them. Hit MVP’s music. MVP comes out and tells Swagger that nobody cares. MVP then tells Swagger that he beat him last year at Summer Slam. Swagger attacks MVP and just like that we have an instamatch.

In Ring Action….

Jack Swagger v. MVP

Actually not a bad match. Swagger is much better in the ring that MVP, but that does not matter too much with WWE. Swagger works MVP over pretty good with some amateur style that MVP can’t match. Swagger seems to have everything under control until he goes for an ankle lock. MVP reverses it into a roll up for the win.

Wow what has Swagger done to upset the back? This guy was headed for the stars, and now he might have been just a shooting star.

We see another long and slow and terrible promo for Alberto Del Rio. He is finally debuting next week on Smackdown. Thank God, now those Promo’s will finally end.

Main Event

Rey Mysterio v. Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler

About a 5 minute match with Rey really working Dolph over. Rey sets Dolph up for the 619 when Kane’s Music hits and he makes his way to the ring pushing a casket. The match continues with Rey and Dolph working well together. Rey is much slower than he used to be, but he still delivers. After about a 12 minute match Dolph locks in the sleeper, but Rey gets out and locks on his own choke hold. A few missed spots here and there but Rey eventually gets the win with a quick roll up.

Winner-Rey Mysterio

After the match Kane attacks Rey! Rey counters and kicks Kane into his own Casket! Foreshadowing???


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