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Former WWE superstar passes away

former WWE writer Dave Lagana wrote on Twitter:

Very sad to hear the news of former co-worker and friend Lance Cade passing today.

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  1. Joe says:

    Well dang, very sad news indeed. He was a great talent who was underutilized. I felt he was starting to come into his own before his own demons caused his release.

  2. Lois Lane says:

    So sad to hear…another wrestler leaves the earth. Here’s hoping he did not die of a drug overdose.

  3. Feral says:

    Hey, nice new look!

    Anyway, Cade’s cause of death has been ruled "Heart Failure", accodring to

  4. DeathNote81 says:

    I was expecting someone a LOT older. And I was hoping for his return (to the WWE) in the near future.

  5. Adam Bockler says:

    I’m not a doctor, but you don’t just "die of heart failure" at 29.

  6. Edifier says:

    Another one dies way too young. RIP Lance Cade.

  7. Dave says:

    Yeah heart failure at 29 is pretty weird, worst case scenario is that his heart failure is related to ”possible” steriods in the past or presentt.

  8. Adam says:

    its more then likely some kind of drug abuse, just about every wrestler is a ticking timebomb ready to keel over and die.

  9. OstegoAmigo says:

    It’s very possible he could very well have cariomyaphathy, a heart condition I have as well. I’m 30 years old and I already suffered a severe heart attack. Now I got a shiny new pacemaker because of it.

  10. @Dave, he was fired the first time because of steroids. If I’m not mistaken. I do know he was confirmed to have used them before.

  11. johnnybadd says:

    lance cade died of heart failure n bad storyline

  12. Travis says:

    RIP Lance. I spoke to Lance a few times before his passing, he was a real cool cat. He was looking make his AJPW stint memorable and really wanted to take his career far.

  13. Joe andrews says:

    on friday the 13th ? wtf!!! odd , another guy with unlimited potential gone to waste , sickens me that guys like batista and john cena get over because of muscles and no talent , wwe dropped the ball with this guy , as they did with a few wrestlers who have died e.g TEST ,heck even guys like chris benoit and eddie geurrero who had one world title reign got treated like crap in my opinion , debut in 2000 an it took wwe 4 years to make them world champs?and even then they still had 1 world title reign befre they died, wwe need to look at the talent and not at the bodies. rest in peace ,lance ‘the impressive aggresive’ cade .

  14. Junior says:

    RIP Lance

  15. Daniel says:

    This sucks, I’m getting sick and tried of reading this kind of news. This is getting out of control. Seriously. Also, to the guy that said you don’t just die of heart failure at 29. Your heart can fail at anytime for any number of reasons. Heart failure is a blanket term and it could mean any kind of heart problem. Hell a 12 year old kid just died recently of heart failure. It does happen, rare but it does happen. However as someone else mentioned I wouldn’t be surprised if it was drug related.

  16. Stephen Carpenter says:

    Very sad. Yet another sad early loss in pro wrestling. I know this is just speculation but you have to wonder if there were drug problems since the WWE almost brought him back in then chose not to. Just sad to read about someone passing away a year younger than me, especialy someone so talented.

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