News on Mysterio, Cabana, DDP, and more

Aug 12, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

– From Mike Informer: Mysterio brings good-guy image to wrestling fans

Happy fans meets hero

Diamond Dallas Page’s latest career twist involves yoga

– From Dave Lagana: ROH’s Colt Cabana “Art of Wrestling” Podcast – Episode 3 Now Available‏

The Art Of Wrestling Podcast is a peek into the lives of pro wrestlers masterfully hosted by one of their contemporaries, Colt Cabana. Unlike a standard question and answer interview, Cabana chats up his friends to give these podcasts a unique feel. Past guests include CM Punk & Shawn Daivari with a new, free weekly podcast available at and on iTunes available every Thursday.

Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana has Episode #3 with Chad Collyer available NOW for FREE at and Itunes.

Subjects covered include:

* Jim Ross’s inspirational speech to Colt

* Germans singing in unison

* The famous WWF superstar who gave Chad Collyer his first Japanese gimmick

* For the first time, Chad reveals what was supposed to be his WWE debut and stable mates

* Chad talks about wrestling in England

* Chads original gimmick pitch to Gabe Sapolsky for ROH

* Dean Malenko’s response to Chad using the “Malenko” name in Japan

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