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Report by Mike Melchioni & PWInsider

Dark Match before NXT started:

Alberto Del Rio beat JTG.


Chavo Guerrero beat Chris Masters

Michelle McCool beat Kelly Kelly.


The show started with Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler celebrating his title win. She said they were going on vacation. Lots of heat for Vickie. Kofi Kingston ran out and attacked Ziggler. Teddy Long came out and announced that Ziggler would be defending the IC Title against Kofi at SummerSlam. Long said that Ziggler would face Rey Mysterio in the main event tonight so Vickie said that Kofi would have to face Kane. Teddy said she didn’t have the power sot make matches but Kofi said he was not a coward and would face Kane.

Kane beat Kofi when the big guy caught Kofi coming off of the top rope and tombstoned him. Kane then said Rey took out the Undertaker and he will pay for it Sunday. Rey came out and said it was Kane that did it.

Cody Rhodes beat Christian.

Big Show beat three guys while CM Punk and company watched. Punk cut a great promo after the match.

Drew McIntyre beat Matt Hardy.

Jack Swagger did a whining promo when MVP came out. The two men started fighting and then went in the ring, where Swagger beat up MVP until MVP got a win out of nowhere.

Rey beat Ziggler in the main event. Kane came out during the match with a casket to watch. After the match, Kane went to enter the ring but Rey fought him off.

After Smackdown, Kane beat Rey and Swagger in a cage match.

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5 Responses

  1. tony storm says:

    seems pretty subpar…..i’ll wait til I watch it to judge it

  2. Carl says:

    sub par means that it was a good smack down show. any word on how the 3 guys were that worked the big show??

  3. Brian says:

    Isn’t that LayCool title fiasco supposed to have ended at this taping? Any news on that, because it’s getting a tad annoying.

  4. Kyle says:

    idk but when they r gonna turn kofi kingston heel they been talking about but they still didnt done

  5. Team LayCool says:

    The whole duel women’s champion thing ended when Michelle and Layla fought over titles in the locker room and one of them broke

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