Q&A Returns: The I Can’t Believe They Bothered With A Fake Blue Meanie Edition

Aug 11, 2010 - by staff

It’s that time of the week again, where Impact spoilers flood the news waves and also the new Q&A hot off the presses arrives. If you’d like to send in a question or get my opinion for a future edition you can e-mail here…


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Q: Hi im wondering what do you think WWE will do with the NXT guys because that’s 7already and they have the whole Nexus thing but what will they do with season 2 and3 if they do that its alot of guys to add to the already under used guys with somany already on that are not being given title runs of any sort with more guys moredeserving than others. What do you think WWE will do with all them additions?


Kyle Christie

A: Well, I wouldn’t expect the entire cast of the 2nd season of NXT to join Nexus, if any of them. I think Husky Harris would fit nicely into the group though for whatever that’s worth. I also wouldn’t expect to see the entire cast called up to the WWE roster at once. Most guys will probably head back to developmental and await another possible shot in the future. There’s a lot of talent in the 2nd season cast though and I can’t imagine most these guys won’t earn an official roster spot at some point. Actually the difference in talent in season 1 compared to 2 is so vast that it’s disappointing to me that they didn’t turn into the Nexus. Well, at least after trading out Eli Cottonwood for Wade Barret.

The thing with Nexus though is it will at some point split into factions. They’ll eventually crack and guys will turn on each other. I’m not going to act like I’m an expert wrestling scout, but I don’t think Heath Slater, Michael Tarver or Darren Young have much of a future in WWE. Sheffield if marketed right could, and Otunga still has a very long way to go in the ring. So far so that I’m not even sure if at this point it’s possible to tell if he’ll be able to make it. It’s completely feasible to me current members of Nexus could be kicked out and replaced with new members from season 2 in the near future. Those potentially kicked out members could either go back to developmental or be flat out released.

Since you wrote in this question it has been reported that the 3rd season of NXT will feature four men and four women competing, which will shake things up a bit.

Q: Hi looking at WWE Superstars show this week dont you think them guys (EvanBourne and Zack Ryder) should be main eventing and WWE Champion at somepoint? YourThoughts.Thanks

A: Both are young, with Bourne being 27 and Ryder 25, and have bright futures ahead of them. I would fully expect at some point down the line each of them could be working the main event. Bourne is much more polished then Ryder in the ring and in my opinion capable of working a main event performance now. His size will always be a knock against him, but I don’t think it’ll hold him back completely. His mic skills also leave a lot to be desired, but each of those things can be said about Rey Mysterio and he’s doing alright for himself.

Zach Ryder on the other hand has decent mic skills and size, a good amount of charisma to go with it, but still needs a fair amount of polish on his ring work. It’s just going to be about him making the most of what he’s been given. They’ve taken the time to put a gimmick on him, which is always a sink or swim situation. If the gimmick fails, he’ll be blamed for it. If he makes it work though and draws heat from the crowd he’ll get rewarded for it.

The key for both guys going forward is just to continue to work hard, be company men and showing a positive attitude. If they do so they will continue to gain supporters from within the company and get a legitimate consistent shot at the top of the card. Guys like Jericho, Edge, HHH, and Undertaker aren’t going to be around forever. Main event spots will open and guys who do what I mentioned above will get those shots.

That’s a wrap folks. As always, thank you for reading.

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