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More on the Hogan-Bischoff Twitter Saga

– Eric Bischoff plugged the new Hulk Hogan Twitter page on his account,
directing fans to follow the Hulkster using the @realHulk_Hogan account
earlier today. Hogan’s close friend and DJ Bubba “The Love Sponge” followed
a bit later on. Then Hogan goes on Twitter and announces that he and
Bischoff are walking out of TNA after getting over 4,000 followers in less
than 24 hours. “Thank you Dixie and Bob Carter for the wonderful and
positive experiences in TNA. Nothing but the best to you guys,” Hogan wrote.
He added a few more lines saying that TNA is having new leadership coming in
and it was time to move on. Around fifteen minutes after, Eric Bischoff
announces on his Facebook and Twitter that he posted the wrong information
and the Hulk Hogan Twitter account is a fake one and all the information of
them leaving are bogus. “Sorry for the confusion,” wrote Bischoff, obviously
aware of the mass confusion he created. Bischoff noted that Hogan is in the
process of getting his own Twitter feed but it’s not up yet and will post
the info when it’s available. The messages of Hogan saying they are leaving
have since disappeared from the @realHulk_Hogan feed. “@EBischoff GOT WORKED
BROTHERS! He publishes information before even verifying its accuracy. How
can someone like this even try to run TNA?” said the person running the
alleged Hogan Twitter.

– The man behind the @realHulk_Hogan Twitter account revealed himself as a
current TNA employee who isn’t happy with the current situation so he
decided to have some fun at the expense of the former WCW President. “That
piece of sh!t @BTLSRadio GOT WORKED TOO,” he said referring to Bubba “The
Love Sponge.” The anonymous person posted that TNA doesn’t listen to its
employees backstage and he hates Bischoff, although he doesn’t mind Hogan.
“He’s just taking money,” he said of Hogan. “Hogan and Bischoff always play
up how we’re a happy family backstage. But that’s far from it. We get paid
sh!t,” he continued. “This one was for the INTERNET WRESTLING COMMUNITY!
Beat us if you can, survive if we let you!”

– TNA President Dixie Carter responded to the fake Twitter account ordeal by
saying that the rumors of Hogan leaving TNA is bogus. “To what extreme
people will go,” she said. The individual behind the Hogan account then
replied saying that while what he posted was bogus, Bischoff himself is
bogus as well. “I work for you Dixie and respect you so much, but you’ve
fallen off the wagon. You need to wake up and realize who your true TNA
troops are.” The person continued, “I’ve bled for TNA, I’ve sacrificed for
TNA, and I’ve put my family on the line for TNA…for what? To be pushed
aside? It’s BS.” He later apologized to everyone following him saying he
won’t reveal who he really is because at the end of the day he needs to put
food on the table for his family and getting fired won’t help.

(credit: Wrestling-Online Newsletter)

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11 Responses

  1. jonny says:

    gotta be samoa joe

  2. Jarron says:

    my money is on AJ

  3. I think it’s Storm or Roode. They’ve been around since the fairground days. Possibly Abyss.

  4. JayJay says:

    I’m going with AJ Styles… There was just a story about him making quotes about “being pushed aside” for the new guys after being in the company for so long. The line about family also points to it being AJ as he’s a very big family man, and Samoa Joe, I don’t believe, is even married or has kids. Just a few thoughts on it.

  5. Shaolin Funk says:

    Joe has a family. It’s probably someone you’d least suspect. First they’re posing as Hogan and then they’re using Taz schtik. Death to Hulkamania!

  6. tony storm says:

    I smell a really bad work coming on….

  7. The Real Hoax Hogan says:

    I seriously doubt if it is someone currently employed in TNA. It is either most likely an angry IWC Fan or quite possibly someone who is a close personal friend or family member of a TNA worker. It could even be a wrestler who is no longer employed by TNA would like things to be the way they were in 2002-2006 again, but knows that will not happen with Hogan/Bischoff and the ECW guys on board.

  8. The Real Hoax Hogan says:

    Bill and Doug LOL

  9. Sweed says:

    its prolly another swerve…what proof is there that its a TNA person…they’ve repeatedly lied…why believe them now?

  10. Denis says:

    Really, does this come as a surprise to anyone? At first, TNA was a great concept, an alternative to WWE. But as the years have gone by, it’s becoming more of a mess. Russo needs to go. Dixie needs to step back into the shadows. While good to look at, we don’t need a female Vince. Note to TNA: You can’t beat Vince at sports entertainment. He is the master of it. Give fans what they want: wrestling!

  11. greg says:

    Your a moron if you think this is a worker. Workers don’t even WRESTLE for the admiration of the IWC, why the hell would a guy jeperdise his job in TNA for the loser masses out there. Wrestlers wrestle for real fans, not people who sit on message boards. Its a hoax, stop giving this guy the limelight and do some real reporting.

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