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Impact SPOILERS for 8/19

– In a dark match Robby G (Rob Eckos) with Cookie (Becky Bayless) d. Jeremy Buck.  They are doing a takeoff of Snookie and The Situation from Jersey Shore.

Taped for 8/19.

– Eric Bischoff announced that RVD was injured in last weeks brawl with Fortune and will be out for an unknown period of time. RVD has been stripped of the title. A tournament will be held and a new TNA World Champion will be crowned. Some reports claim that the finals will take place at No Surrender while others say Bound for Glory so we will have to wait and see.

– Fortune came to the ring. Ric Flair announced that he has hired Matt Morgan as his bodyguard and that Doug Williams is the newest member of the group. They talk about what they did last week to the EV2.0 guys. Dixie Carter came out and announced that she has signed all the former ECW guys to contracts. Dreamer comes out and goes back and forth on the mic with Flair. Dreamer says he will face AJ Styles later in the show.

(1) Jeff Hardy d. Rob Terry in a World Title Tournament match.

– Hardy attacked Abyss backstage.

(2) Mr. Anderson d. Jay Lethal in a World Title Tournament match.

(3) TNA Knockouts Champion d. Madison Rayne to retain her title. Velvet distracted Madison which caused her to lose. After the match Velvet and Love shook hands.

(4) Kurt Angle d. Doug Williams in a World Title Tournament match.

– Sting and Kevin Nash came out and ran down Jarrett, Hogan and Bischoff. Nash said he was in TNA because he loved wrestling and not because of money. Jarrett came out and said he did not buy that. Hogan came out as well and they ran down and brawled with Sting and Nash. The lights go out and Fortune is in the ring and beats down all four men.

(5) The Pope d. Matt Morgan in a World Title Tournament match.

(6) AJ Styles d. Tommy Dreamer. Tommy had the win with a DDT but the official was distracted by Fortune. The EV2.0 guys come out. Abyss gets in the ring and lays out Dreamer with a Blackhole Slam which gives AJ the win.

– Fortune and the EV2.0 guys all brawl in the ring to close the show.

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  1. Denis says:

    So, does this now mean that Hogan, Jarrett, Sting and Nash will be the new Wolfpac and battle Fortune? Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been a huge Sting fan for years, and I interviewed and got to meet Jarrett earlier this year, and he’s a great guy. But Hogan is way past his prime, while Nash is about 15 years past his (if he ever was in his prime). And a tournament to decide a new champ? Why have a ranking system? Shouldn’t No. 1 and No. 2 in the rankings wrestle for the belt?

  2. johnnybadd says:

    yes denis but this tna there is no such thing as logic!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t watched TNA in a few weeks now, because I never find the time or I just cannot be bothered. With all the WWE television I have to endure, one could say I’d be overdosing on United States grappling action.

    But if their main events are gonna just be punching and kicking, why tune in? Seriously: These days there’s rarely any real wrestling in WWE. TNA is a bit all over the place sometimes, but still quite good to watch.

  4. wwe wrestling rumors says:

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