Honky Tonk Man Responds to Bubba The Love Sponge

Aug 11, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

From Steve Wilton, Webmaster of www.honkytonkman.net

The Honky Tonk Man has called out Bubba “The Love” Sponge after a series of match dares from Bubba.

Sponge and his chronies repeatedly told friends and listeners he’d fight the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time in a shoot fight and even offered from 5 to 10k for Honky to accept.

HTM has repeatedly tried to accept the challenge to settle the score with Bubba but has received no response from the cowardly Sponge.

HTM posted these posts on his Twitter account this week and still has had no response from Bubba.

“I hear Bubba is offering HTM 5 grand to fight him. For a guy like Bubba to have so much dough, seems like a small offer Fat Man!

Just landed in Chicago, no Bubba the fat man around. Stop hiding in the mens room stall, come out u bitch.

Waiting for the Chicago flight, Hope Buub shows up. It is not far from the single wide trailer he came from. I’m waiting for u 2 ton.”

HonkyTonkMan.net have contacted BTLS for a response but have received no reply from Sponge.

Just like the incident where hardcore legend Mick Foley took Bubba out during a TNA Impact! episode, Bubba can talk a good game but is happy to hide behind his microphone.

In a desperate attempt following the “Hulk and Friends” show, Bubba even tried to bait Hulk Hogan into trashing HTM on a recent episode of Bubba’s show.

The Hulkster quickly changed the subject.

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