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Aug 11, 2010 - by staff

NXT starts off with the rookies and pros being announced.

Matt Striker says that Mark Henry will not be here tonight due to Nexus attack last night. Matt says that three weeks stands between the season finale and their dream. Tonight there will be a power of the punch contest (There is a video game type punching bag with a counter for how hard you punch it.

Michael McGillicutty- 863
Kaval – 265 (He’s DQ’d because he kicked it)
Percy Watson- 716
Lucky Cannon- 744
Husky Harris- 340
Alex Riley- 896 (He wins and gets to be on WWE Raw this Monday night)

Riley then talks about how the Miz is the best trainer and how himself is a star in reality!

Who will be eliminated? a photo is shown with all the Rookies and tonight someone will be cut!


Miz and Morrison go off at each other about Summerslam about how Miz needs to be on the team and he wants Morrison ask for help and how he wants to hear him say I want Miz to join team WWE. Morrison says NO i won’t ask you but how about we have a match tonight and I’ll show why we don’t need you, fine have it your way says Miz as he sits back down.

Match #1
Kaval, Lucky, and Percy vs. Husky, McGillicutty, and Riley (A return match from last night on raw)

Lucky and Husky start the match off with Lucky going right to work on Husky and he quickly makes a tag into Percy until Husky starts to get some offense and both team start to go back and fourth with tags in and out. Riley gets punched in the face by Percy and goes to the outside, he gets back in and they lock up and Riley takes control of the match with a take down and then puts Percy in a head lock. Percy then hits a few arm drags on Riley and locks him in a arm lock until tagging Lucky back in and he goes right where Percy left with the arm lock. Lucky then hits a bit boot on Riley and gets a two count, Riley rolls off to the outside and Lucky then looks like he’s going to do a dive and does over the top rope onto Riley


McGillicutty and Lucky are in the ring as we come back and then Husky gets tagged in and he goes right to work on Cannon, But all the guys keep tagging in and out on Lucky and dominate the match, McGillicutty is now in the ring and locks the head lock on Cannon when then Cannon gains some advantages and gets the hot tag on Kaval and he goes to work with his kicks and chops on McGillicutty and then gets a submission move on McGillicutty til Husky gets in and breaks it up and everyone then goes at it until everyone is on the outside Kaval then gets up top hits the stomp and gets the pin for the three count.

Winner’s by pin fall: Percy, Kaval and Cannon

Matt then tells everyone to vote now with the pro’s and see who gets cut tonight!

Miz vs. Morrison will be the main event tonight!


Raw Rebound

Summerslam card is ran down.

Match #2
The Miz vs. John Morrison

Miz goes right to work on Morrison and then both men lock up and John hits a take down and then they get back up and Miz then starts to go after Morrison but quickly turned over and John hits a few arm drags and then a flip onto Miz. Both men go back and fourth on each other until Morrison throws Miz to the outside and hits a dive to the outside.


As we come back Miz is in control of the match and works on the neck of Morrison but Miz then only gets a two count. Morrison then reverses a move and gets a roll up but only gets a two count. Morrison starts to go to work on Miz with some kicks and then does a kip up and he hits a kick to the side of the head of Miz and gets another two count. As they get back up both men go at it but Miz some how hits the Skull finishing finale and gets the three count.

Winner by pin fall: The Miz


As we come back all the rookies are ringside and everyone is asked who should be cut everyone either says everyone expect themselves or Alex Riley.


#1- Kaval
#2- Michael McGillicutty
#3- Percy Watson
#4- Husky Harris
#5- Alex Riley
#6- Lucky Cannon (He is now cut)

Lucky then says that Kaval it is what it is and his parting words; I am not gonna do what everyone thinks and flips out; he wants to wonder if WWE Universe has enjoyed WWE NXT Season 2 as much as he did. He says thanks everyone and this isn’t that last of Lucky Cannon!

Alex Riley then cuts a promo and goes on about tuning into Raw he will win the contest and be a WWE Champion! Matt says next week there be two people cut from the show!

Thanks again for reading I will see you back here next week!

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