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Aug 10, 2010 - by staff

Today’s History Lesson—August 10th

8/10/1980—one day after winning the WWF Tag Team Championship, Pedro Morales and Bob Backlund are forced to vacate the titles, due to Backlund still being WWF Champion at the time (rules stated that no one was allowed to hold two championships at the same time).

8/10/1996—highlights from 1996 WCW “Hog Wild” (aired on PPV on a Saturday instead of the usual Sunday)
-Harlem Heat defeats The Steiner Brothers, to retain the Tag Team Championship.
-Ric Flair defeats Eddie Guerrero, to retain the United States Championship.
-Rey Mysterio, Jr. defeats The Ultimate Dragon, to retain the Cruiserweight Championship.
-Hollywood Hogan defeats The Giant, to win the World Heavyweight Championship (spray paints “NWO” on title afterwards, with assistance from Scott Hall and Kevin Nash).

8/10/1998—on “Nitro,” Lex Luger defeats Bret Hart, to win the WCW United States Championship. Also, Chris Jericho defeats Stevie Ray, to win the Television Championship.

8/10/2002—the WWE Hardcore Championship changes hands three times, in a live event.
-Shawn Stasiak defeats champion Tommy Dreamer.
-Steven Richards pins Shawn Stasiak.
-Tommy Dreamer pins Steven Richards, to reclaim the title.

8/10/2008—highlights from 2008 TNA “Hard Justice”
-Petey Williams defeats Consequences Creed, to retain the X Division Championship.
-Beer Money, Inc. defeats The Latin American XChange, to become the new Tag Team Champions.
-Samoa Joe defeats Booker T, to retain the World Heavyweight Championship (Six Sides of Steel Weapons Match).

-Judy Glover (born 1940)
-Typhoon from The Natural Disasters (born 1956)
-Savio Vega (born 1964)
-Roadkill from ECW (born 1976)
-Wade Barrett from Nexus (born 1980)

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