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SPOILER: Huge angle planned for tonight's TNA TV tapings

Jason Powell of is reporting that a big angle is planned for tonight’s TNA Impact tapings in Orlando set to air next Thursday. The angle will involve Rob Van Dam having to vacate the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and a tournament will take place to crown a new champion. The tournament is set to begin at tonight’s tapings and carry over into next month’s No Surrender PPV on September 5. The belief at this point is that the storyline involving RVD vacating the title is due to his character suffering injuries from the big beatdown angle that airs this Thursday on Spike.

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7 Responses

  1. Mimuran says:

    ughhhh……they’re cramming too much stuff in at once again I’ll be waiting for the tapings results to actually make judgement

  2. Jokerman says:

    Why do TNA and WWE insist on giving someone the title and then taking it off them after a couple of months, makes the title look worthless.

    RVD didn’t deserve the title in the first place but instead of building him up and proving that he should be WHC they are just going to take it off him to hold a tournament that noone cares about?

  3. DJ Reign says:

    Why is there a ranking system if they gonna have a tournament? This smells like a Vince Russo idea? What’s next……Dixie on a pole match….No need to have more stories than drawing away from the current EV 2.0 vs Fortune..If Flair gets the belt we RIOT!!!

  4. Daniel says:

    LOL TNA is so confused

  5. Ryan says:

    Let Raven win it please? I will never criticize TNA again if he wins the belt. I don’t care if he bloated. He a better worker in-ring and on the mic than whoever they’ll put the belt in

  6. Blocker says:

    I agree a tournament for deciding a new champion makes a farce out of the rankings. I’m glad RVD is not the champion. I’ve never liked him. he’s hopeless on the mic and his in-ring performance is sooo yesterday. Thank God the ECW ppv is over. It was the greatest waste of time and money ever. These guys need retirement counselling and should never be allowed near a ring again. TNA must keep Flair out of the ring as well. He is pathetic and he will lose all he has gained in the business. Let the young and the athletic go at it.

  7. tony storm says:

    tna just needs so much help! Wht a way to burry the guys who can already wrestle in tna,by giving all the ecw guys contracts! Tna needs less dixie carter! Way less 45-68 yr old wrestlers! Does anyone remember wcw/ecw invasion! Well this is the d grade version of that,theres no piont of a ranking system then,and kurt angle hasn’t been beat in 2 monthes! (spoiler alert) if he’s in the tournament how can he lose,so then wht does kurt angle become the unbeatable heel,sense he will have already regulated on the entire tna roster by no surrender,god for bid they drag this thing out til bound for glory….
    but thts just how I see it



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