ROH on HDNET 08/09/10

Aug 9, 2010 - by staff


We start the show with ROH World Champion in the ring with Jim Cornette. He is talking about his non-title match tonight with the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. Tyler says he has defended his title all over the country and back again. He then says there are some fans that come to boo Tyler Black. He tells these fans to kiss his ass. I believe they are turning Tyler heel for his exit out of the company. As many know, Tyler has signed with WWE and is leaving in September.

In Ring Action….

SkullKrusher v. The Necro Butcher

Necro has a new look with a shaved head. This is an anything goes match so the chairs come out fast. Both me jump into the middle of the ring and have a standoff with chairs. Out comes the Embassy. They are quickly followed by the entire locker room. There is chaos in the Arena tonight!!!
Winner-No Decision

Next week we will have Roderick Strong and Davey Richards going head to head for a shot at the World Title. They interview Davey and he says the match of the year will be when Davey wins the World Title.

In Ring Action…
Colt Cabana v. NFS

Colt is so over with the crowd. They love him in Chicago and in Philadelphia. Colt is such an entertainer I really don’t see why he didn’t last in the WWE. Quick Match with Colt locking on the Billy Goats Curse for the submission. After the match Kevin Steen and Steve Corino rush the ring and hit Colt with a steel chain. El Genericho comes to Colt’s aid, but it’s too late. The damage is done.

Main Event
Non-Title Match
ROH World Champion Tyler Black v. The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels

This will be the best wrestling match on TV this week. Period. The crowd starts chanting âہ“Fallen Angel”. Daniels points to the crowd to let Black know this is his crowd, and he will have to bust his ass to take them. Both men size each other up and work towards some simple holds. The first 10 minutes of the match take place in the middle 5 feet of the ring. Some classic technical grappling between these two warriors. Black then tosses Daniels out of the ring and follows him with a suicide dive. We have shifted gears folks. Black then spends the next 8 minutes breaking Daniels down to nothing. Daniels then flips the script and gives black and taste of some pain. Daniels hits the fall from grace on Black for a near fall. Black then counters with a small package for a nearfall himself. He then hits a spring board clothes line half way across the ring. Wow!!! We are about18 minutes in and the âہ“Fallen Angel” chants are getting louder. Maybe he is the best in the world. We then go through a series of nearfalls, but are stopped by the bell sounding for a 20 minute time limit draw.

After the match Roderick Strong comes out and says he wants his title shot. Then we are graced with the presence of Davey Richards who says Roderick needs to go through him next week for his title shot. The Fallen Angel then chimes in and says between the 3 of them he is the only one that Tyler Black has not pinned. Who’s the Next Champ????


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