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Update on WWE signing a ROH top star

To follow up on Chris Johnson’s earlier post – WWE signs a top ROH Star, The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Ring of Honor champion Tyler Black is expected to drop the ROH title in the coming weeks and will report to Florida Championship Wrestling in September. He did agree to a developmental deal.

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  1. Old School ECW fan says:

    The events leading up to him dropping the title certainly won’t be as interesting or entertaining as when CM Punk won the title from Aries on his way out of ROH.

  2. Ocelot says:

    Damn it this just sucks. The positive of this is that we’ll (hopefully) get to see Tyler Black perform and (hopefully) improve on a larger platform, the negative is just about everything else.

    Now everyone knows he’s going to be dropping the belt. I’m sure this alters a lot of ROH’s long term plans as they’ve invested a lot of time into giving Tyler a proper main event push (and even now he’s really still just coming into that level).

    I would actually say that I think this is more devastating to ROH than losing Danielson was. Danielson had so much mileage in him already and had been in the company for so long and had done so much that maybe he did need to leave for a little while. With Tyler Black his better days seemed to be from right about now and into the foreseeable future.

    I hope ROH can recover from this without a whole lot of long term implications, and if I was a betting man I’d bet that they will, but it just sucks that someone who really seemed poised to help ROH grow is now gone with having contributed nearly as much as he could have given more time.

  3. Ocelot says:

    withOUT having contributed nearly as much as he could have if given more time.

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