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Update on HardCORE Justice main event

– Dave Meltzer is reporting that as of right now it looks like replacement for Jerry Lynn in the main event vs RVD will be either Kid Kash or 2 Cold Scorpio however nothing is final at this point.

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  1. Kevin Ganley says:

    please let it be Kid Kash

  2. Josh Jarvis says:

    I rather see Sabu vs RVD THAN THE OTHER TWO GUYS!

  3. Ocelot says:

    Kid Kash wasn’t already going to be on this show? Lame. Unless he was one of the surprises, but seeing as how he’s worked for TNA before and really was never that big of a name it really wouldn’t be all THAT great of a surprise.

    Even then he’s still not Jerry Lynn. I’m hoping this is all just a work and Jerry does the match anyways, but I’ve got a weird feeling about it. I think we’re going to see Jerry Lynn involved with the show one way or another.

    I mean really a gym accident? He’s been wrestling most of the ROH schedule (which is basically a semi-full time TNA schedule), so shouldn’t he have been hitting the gym for quite some time now? And the time he throws his back out is right before his biggest match in years (regardless of his transitional reign as ROH champion)? Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. But I smell BS coming from somewhere. It’s just a matter of where from.

  4. jonlk says:

    Sounds like "the main disappointment" to me. This isn’t a ppv. It’s time for TNA to face facts, it’s over, wwe is better, they suck, dixie carter doesn’t know what she’s doing, and everybody she brought in to help "grow" the company just wanted another paycheck. A bunch of hasbeens including RVD and Jeff Hardy. The both of them should be ashamed they are working for tna, same goes for ric flair, washed up, no good, hasbeen who can’t control his drinking or spending problems, HBK and Hogan are 1 and 2, not sure where flair ranks any longer he stayed for too long and everybody knows it’s the truth, nobody is brave enough to tell him.

  5. Luke says:

    maybe Jerry Lynn bs’ed his way out of it because of low pay. I seriously doubt it though…RVD and Lynn have wanted this match since One Night Stand.

    I would much rather see Sabu or even Abyss against RVD than Kid Kash or 2 Cold Scorpio.

  6. Mrlex says:

    This ppv sucks big time!!!Ecw is so overated and past there prime,why do they always bring back hasbeen in tna this is bs!!Comon Jerry lynn in the main event,kid kash or 2 cold scorpio… They can’t performed like they used to 15 years ago.

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