Report from yesterday’s Bound for Glory Beach party

Aug 8, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

From Jeff A:

Attended the TNA Bound for Glory party in Daytona Beach yesterday. SoCal Val was MC for the event. Val and Borash walked the area and interacted with fans. Signing autographs were Ink Ink, Jeff Hardy and Kevin Nash. Ink Ink left after about 2 hours to get ready for their match against Motor City Machine Guns. About 2,000 people were in attendance. Lots of TNA merchandise was handed out and Val constantly thanked all the fans for sitting thru the rain and heat(94 degrees). The match was Ink Ink vs MCMG with Guns getting the win and about 800 people hanging out thru the rain for the match. Also of note: Jeff Hardy may be able to smoke one pack of cigarettes in a hour the way he chain smokes. Nash walked over to his black mustang and drove 4 miles to home in Ponce Inlet. Nash’s some Tristan was on hand helping out. All and all a good turn out. There was a announcement for a party weekend the Bound for Glory weekend on 10-10-10.

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