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Poll results – Are you going to order TNA’s Hard Justice PPV?

Are you going to order TNA’s Hard Justice PPV?

Yes – 30%
No – 70%

(360 votes total)

Adam Martin will be providing live coverage of tonight’s HardCORE Justice starting at 8PM ET.

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3 Responses

  1. oday says:

    this actually my first tna ppv….i hope i’m not let down…i have a hunch that i won’t be..

  2. billyboy says:

    It’s TNA, at some point you will be disappointed. They should have built this ppv up more and not held it in august, Like October, holding a ppv a week before summerslam is not a wise business choice. This is my biggest beef with TNA, they just do stuff, little to no build up. It’s a train wreck right now.

  3. Brett says:

    Darn, I forgot to vote for this. This is the first PPV that I’ve ever actually ordered. Well, I did get One Night Stand, but it was through their internet stream for cheaper so it doesn’t really count. This was true pay per view and I did it because ECW is the reason I still watch wrestling after all these years. Nothing has ever come close to reproducing the emotional attachment I had to it so when something like this comes around, I need to do my part to support it. I say they put on a hell of a show considering how much was going against them and how short a time they had to put it together.

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