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Update on Jerry Lynn

Jerry Lynn reportedly blew out his back or hip while training in the gym this past week. Lynn sought immediate medial assistance, but was disappointed to learn that the problem couldn’t be rectified in time for Sunday’s HardCORE Justice PPV. As you might imagine, Lynn is quite disappointed about missing an opportunity to work with Rob Van Dam again. At this late hour, TNA is working on a replacement main event, including having RVD defend the TNA title.

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  1. Travis says:

    Damn. Jerry vs Van Dam would have been nice. What a huge blow for Jerry. Best wishes to Jerry bro, perhaps TNA can work some sort of storyline in later.

  2. Taylor Knippa says:

    RVD vs. Sabu probably

  3. Paul LaMonte says:

    Damn.. TNA can never catch a break. I hope they pull this off.. first PPV Ive been excited about in ages

  4. Y2J420 says:

    At least now we don’t have to see an over-the-hill version of the already overrated Jerry Lynn vs. RVD series of matches…

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