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TNA HardCORE Justice main event not likely to happen is reporting that Jerry Lynn has a back injury and won’t be able to face Rob Van Dam at Sunday’s TNA HardCORE Justice PPV.

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  1. Bobby L says:

    Going off the axum of Midas’ touch turning everything to Gold:

    Everything Dixie Carter touches turns to Mold.

  2. ShacoriaJ. says:

    Can someone explain to me y dixie iz still in the company? I mean iz she married to someone whos to busy to be president so they gave it to her? I mean tna has potential everyone says that but over hyping matches that dont happen and hiring screwups that do wut they do best SCREWUP!!!!! come on tna wake up at least tell the truth no one in florida actually what the hell iz going on and we should all just sit back and watch this train crash. which iz a shame bcuz theres a lot of talent

  3. Johnny Fenoli says:

    Close, her parents company bought it. She now runs it.

  4. Chris Johnson says:

    Her dad owns TNA. I don’t see him firing her no matter how bad things get. I see him selling before he does that. Not many dads would have the gumption to fire their own daughter.

  5. James says:

    Dixie has nothing to do with this PPV, its all Dreamer, and anyway it isnt anyones fault if Jerry Lynn cant compete due to injury.

    Grow up and stop blaming everything on Dixie or what ever, just enjoy the show instead of looking for points to bash.

  6. brandon says:

    Rvd vs sabu?

  7. Seanog says:

    Very close to being another one of those instances where Dixie promises things without having actually confirmed them.

  8. Old School ECW fan says:

    RVD and Sabu vs The Dudley Boys maybe?

    I don’t think that Sabu should be in a match where he has to do too much? If they don’t make that tag match I would like to see Sabu vs. Al Snow vs 2 Cold Scorpio.

  9. jonlk says:

    Why even waste their money and time on a ppv. I wouldn’t pay a penny to watch this garbage. TNA had promise. I actually liked watching it as much or more than WWE at times. But now it’s just a sad pathetic joke and everybody involved is a sad pathetic loser for staying with a horrible company. And the sad thing is any good talent they have wwe doesn’t need and probably doesn’t want. Seems like WWE keeps creating superstars and TNA keeps destroying them, one by one, until there is none.

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