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Aug 7, 2010 - by Atlee Greene

Vicious V

Interview / Profile Questions

Height: 6’1

Weight: 350lbs

Age: 22

Hometown: Stamford, CT

Trained by: Paul Roma & Dan De Man

Years as a Pro: 2

Promotions: CTWE (Connecticut Wrestling Entertainment), PGW (Power & Glory Wrestling), UWD (Ultimate Wrestling Dynasty).

Q: When did you become a wrestling fan and how?

VV: I became a fan of wrestling when I was about 3 or 4 years old. As a matter of fact, the first event I can recall by recollection is Wrestlemania 6. At that time I remember exactly where I was. My parents would drop me off at my cousin’s house before they would go to work and I would always be forced to watch wrestling on Saturday mornings. All the great cartoons that were out in the early 90s didn’t compare to how hooked I became to wrestling.

Q: Where did you grow up?

VV: I was born and raised in the city of Stamford, CT. Stamford is pretty basic, everyone pretty much knows everyone. It’s a very nice place to live and it’s very diverse. It’s also home to the WWE which is a huge deal for wrestling fans such as myself and others alike who live in the surrounding area

Q: Who were your favorites growing up?

VV: Definitely Shawn Michaels hands down. It seems as though everyone picks Shawn Michaels as their favorite for some reason ha ha. Shawn is most certainly a big part of why I am currently doing what I do. Bret Hart is right behind Shawn, & Triple H. As much as everyone hates on Triple H because of his marriage to Stephanie he is certainly very entertaining and smart. Everyone always picked either Stone Cold, The Rock, or Undertaker and I would be the only one rooting for H.

Q: Did you attend wrestling shows when you were a kid?

VV: Indeed I have, I have attended 2 shows which were both tremendous shows overall. One was either in 93′ or 94′ and it was a fundraiser and I could remember crying because I didn’t want to see the Undertaker. The main event featured Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna for the WWF Championship. Yoko comes out and stares me down; very large individual, now I see why kids are scared of me! Bret came out and my smile came right back on my face as he gave me his patented sunglasses. I was the happiest kid in the world until my brother broke it in half because he saw Owen Hart do it at Wrestlemania 10.

Q: What is your favorite wrestling match?

VV: That’s pretty hard. If I had to pick one I would say the Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart Iron Man match from Mania 12. Even though they had fought each other in the past you could tell that the match between them was starting to get personal. But as a fan it was very hard for me to pick who I wanted to win but in my heart of hearts I knew that I wanted Shawn to get the victory. Boy was wrestling so great! Other matches include Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock at Summerslam (2002), Shawn & Austin at Mania 14, Austin & Rock at (Wrestlemania) 17 & 19. There are so many but the Iron Man is my all time favorite.

Q: What is your favorite event?

VV: Wrestlemania 17 was hands down the greatest Wrestlemania of all time to me personally. But it’s a tie between Royal Rumble & Mania because they are just so exciting to watch every year even though now you can certainly tell who’s going to win but the excitement is still there for me.

Q: First impressions of the business when you were training?

VV: Ha, my first impression was that I was going to get my ass kicked for the next several months by guys that were older and bigger than me. Boy was I wrong! In my class was Mr. Williams, Lukas Sharpe, Andy Sweet, Stiff Biff Whitman, Barnyard Bill (whatever happened to that guy), and on occasion the likes of Brian Anthony & the Battle Brothers (Ant & Chris) would stop by and help out. Paul Roma was our one and only teacher. Roma drilled into each of his students head to “pretend for half a second that pro wrestling was real. What would you do?” Ring Psychology was the main focus of Roma’s classes along with awareness, etiquette, & protection. Each and every class Roma would remind everyone in the class that all the cool “highspots” in the world won’t get you noticed by the major companies but a command over your character and how that character works in the ring will. He always told us that less is more, and to keep it simple and that Pro Wrestling is a performance art, not a stunt show.

Q: How has life been on the Independent Scene?

VV: Life on the Indy Scene has been quite interesting actually. When going to different promotions you can tell who really wants to learn the art of this business and who just wants to get a “pay day” if that’s what you want to call it. Just like anything else in life there are those who truly want to help and those who are out for themselves. Guys who want to help are the guys who I respect the most and guys who I have worked with in some capacity such as Joey Eastman, Kurt Adonis, Johnny Idol, Aaron Morrison, Dan De Man, Bobby Ocean, Billy King, and even though I unfortunately never had the opportunity to work with him Sonny Goodspeed gave me great advice and I couldn’t ask for a greater group of guys who actually took the time to help me especially with all the success they have all had in this business.

I’ve also had the opportunity to meet great people along the way and establish great friendships. Mr. Williams, Dan De Man, Brian Anthony, & Bobby Ocean are guys I consider tremendous individuals and are all different and unique in their own way. I’ve shared a locker room with several well known talents such as Jerry Lynn, Colt Cabana who both personally told me that they love my Spinebuster! Brian Danielson, Justin Credible, Brutus Beefcake, and a few others.

Q: Who are some of the notable names you have wrestled?

VV: Notable names? By notable do you mean like “Name” guys? If that’s the case, I haven’t wrestled anyone who has been on TV so no.

Q: Do you believe kayfabe is dead?

VV: Kayfabe is what you make it now a days. I believe that wrestling and in turn its fans are “growing up”. I believe everything works in a cycle. Cultures, styles, music, everything. Wrestling is no different. As we grow up our style of clothes change and we look back at our old ones and say, “I can’t believe I wore that”. So was it that we wore unstylish clothes, did we grow out of the style, or did the style change? So is Kayfabe alive and intact, did we grow out of it, or has it changed?

Kayfabe in the wrestling industry has been fighting and losing a battle with the Information Age. How many non-wrestlers know how to safely execute a Superkick? Definitely more now than in 1982. How many people know that a rear naked choke is the most effective shoot submission? Definitely more than in 1982. With the boom of documentaries and in-depth looks into everything in the 90s and the emergence of the internet, very little secrets and ‘tricks of the trade’ are left intact.

Is kayfabe dead? To this I say a “NO”; however, it is in the endangered zone. As adults we’re not supposed to be fooled, we’re supposed to see through the smoke and mirrors. If you notice, kids still buy that John Cena is the toughest guy around and that at the time Umaga really doesn’t speak English and is a savage from Samoa. They don’t see the $400 silver grill and would never guess that he’s related to the Rock. To children, Kayfabe is still alive but like everything, they’ll eventually grow out of it and like any avid fan they’ll see everything in the new light that the Information Age has shown on the world and more specifically the world of wrestling.

Q: Any TV/Media appearances:

VV: Unfortunately I have not…yet. Although I was on the front page of my local newspaper last year around this time.

Q: What are your future plans?

VV: Recently I have acquired the services of Reby Sky ( and have hired the filming services of SportRev.TV ( as the official Vicious V HD camera crew. The good folks at SportsRev.TV will be appearing with me at several shows throughout the year to film for the up and coming Best of Vicious V & Documentary. As of now I am trying to cut down in size but keep my muscular physic in order to live a better life for myself and be healthy to entertain the masses. Hopefully Reby & I can work our way up the Indy ladder and get some bookings with NEW (Northeast Wrestling) by the end of the year hopefully. If not, there is always next year. So I am pretty set on trying to get on those shows.

Q. Can you give some insight into the Vicious V character?

VV: The Vicious V character is not the same as a non-speaking Frankenstein monster as everyone makes it out to be. The character is a mean, “vicious”, ruthless individual who will stop at nothing to get what he wants and to be the top guy in every promotion that he is in. He talks trash and he does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. But because he hangs with Dan De Man, people automatically assume that he is the “body guard” which is most certainly NOT the case. Vicious V is his own man with his own mind and own intentions. I think that’s the biggest misconception about the character. He’s a mix of Triple H, The Rock, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, & Randy Orton combined. Crazy mix, I know.

– Vicious V’s last match was on 7/10/10 in Foxboro, MA for Northeast Championship Wrestling (NCW). Vicious V & Mr. Williams lost to Kellan Thomas & William Thorne.

– Vicious V will wrestle on Saturday August 21st in Bethany, CT for CTWE. The event will take place at the Bethany Town Hall where he will wrestle Anthony Battle.

– If you would like to see Vicious V in action you can check out one of his matches

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