WWE Superstars Recap

Aug 6, 2010 - by staff

* Opening music video, pyro display, and the action starts.

* Match #1: Tiffany vs. WWE Women’s Champion Layla w/ Michelle McCool. Tiffany gets her offense going with a sunset flip for a 2 count. She follows it up with an armdrag. Layla runs to the outside where Tiffany shoves McCool out of the way. Tiffany slams Layla on the announce table & throws her to the inside of the ring. Layla has the attention of the referee which allows McCool to kick the left hamstring of Tiffany. Layla begins isolating the left leg of Tiffany, working her over with an Indian DeathLock. Tiffany escapes to regain control of the match with a bulldog. Its followed with a suplex for a close 2 count. However, Tiffany misses a 2nd rope crossbody, giving Layla the chance to nail The LayOut (neckbreaker) for the win. We’re shown the NXT Recap. Commercial.

* Match #2: Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer vs. The DudeBusters. Hawkins and Baretta start the match. Hawkins bounces off the ropes as Baretta waits for him but instead Hawkins slaps him in the face. This angers Baretta, who takes down Hawkins, punches him in the face, then returns the favor with a slap of his own. Croft and Archer tag in. Croft maneuvers his way to his side of the ring, and tags in Baretta. The Dudebusters try for a clothesline on Archer but its blocked. They kick his knees out, allowing Croft to hold Archer as Baretta dropkicks him in the face for a count of 2. Croft tags back in but Archer throws him into the corner. He charges forward but Croft stops him with a boot to the face, then sits on the top turnbuckle. Archer violently shoves him down as we head to commercial. Hawkins with a swinging body slam. Archer now in, grabs Croft by the throat & throws him overhead. Hawkins back in where he chokes Croft. Croft moves him around, causing Hawkins to run into the turnbuckle. Baretta gets the hot tag where he takes out both Archer and Hawkins with clotheslines. He nails a beautiful springboard dropkick to the neck of Hawkins. The count is broken up by Archer. Croft and Archer go at it, so Archer charges at Croft but he pulls down the top rope as Archer falls to the outside. Croft tries for a crossbody but Archer evades it. Baretta is able to roll up Hawkins but he didn’t see the bling tag to Archer. Archer strikes with a nasty big boot to Baretta’s face. He drops Baretta with a reverse DDT. Archer tags in Hawkins & watches him soar through the air to nail the HeatSeeking Elbow to pick up the win. After the match, Hawkins states that they might go looking for the Tag Team Champions soon. The trailer for the film “Legendary,” starring John Cena is shown. Commercial.

* Highlight video of is shown US Champion The Miz is shown. We then see the Raw Rebound followed by the breakdown of the Summerslam PPV Card. Evan Bourne makes his way to the ring as he is in the main event.

* Match #3: Evan Bourne vs. Zack Ryder. Bourne takes the early control with a dropkick. He follows it up with a standing hurricanrana. Another dropkicks sends Ryder to the apron. A roundhouse kick sends Ryder to the barricade. Bourne tries to hit a splash from the turnbuckle but misses badly, crashing into the barricade as we go to break. We’re back as Ryder holds a side headlock. A swinging neckbreaker for Ryder nets a 2 count. He reapplies the headlock. Bourne makes his way to the corner where Ryder lands a right leg smash for another 2 count. Bourne hits an enziguiri & roll up for a 2 count. Bourne lands kicks to the legs of Ryder along with a spinning heel kick. Ryder catches Bourne from the corner to land a modified power bomb for a 2 count. He rises to the corner but Bourne stops him with a punch, then hits a back body drop. Bourne hits the Shooting Star Press for the victory. A replay of the action is shown as the show comes to a close.

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