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Raw superstar takes a shot at a TNA knockout

Dustin “Goldust” Runnels, after watching TNA Impact last night, posted on Twitter: “Lacey (Von Erich) has no talent whatsoever.” Well, at least when it comes to working a match. And the sky is also blue.

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  1. Ryan says:

    she’s gonna hurt someone, The girl from the TNA wrestling episode of MTV Made had better ring work

  2. Matt says:

    Pretty amazing to here Gold dust saying that considering he would fall into the same category.

  3. Johnny Fenoli says:

    Matt, are you saying Goldust isn’t talented???? Are you confused sir?

  4. Moondog Spot says:

    I want to see Lacey versus Jackie Gayda at Wrestlemania next year. No gimmicks, just chain wrestling. It would be so awful that it would be entertaining.

  5. Adam says:

    you know whats funny if WWE had their chance they would snap up Lacey Von Erich again and use her since she is probably the best looking thing in a wrestling ring and i am sure she cares what an old washed up Dustin Runnels thinks who has had so many comebacks i cant keep track. Wasn’t Goldust a 90’s thing.

  6. Daniel says:

    @ Matt, you’re insane! Goldust is amazing in the ring, just WWE buries him as a damn jobber which is a shame.

    As far as what Goldust said, I haven’t seen Lacey wrestle so I can’t comment on that but…GO GOLDUST!

  7. Rc says:

    Ryan she is not going to hurt anybody. She will straight kill them. I laughed so hard when she did that gymnastics elbow drop. I thought she botched it. Shes hot and acrobatic but a terrible worker and interview.

  8. lachlan says:

    GO Goldust!!

  9. Kyle Christie says:

    Goldust could put on a 60 min iron man match main event if he was asked to he could be a main eventer if was given the right push same with Finlay and William Regal

  10. Morgan says:

    Yes Goldust is right. Lacey has a job for her looks nothing more.
    And Matt you are Delirious in saying that he and Lacet are the same talentwise. Goldust is great.

  11. dooman says:

    she can still out wrestle john cena

  12. Kerry says:

    Lacey is only in the spotlight for two reasons.

    1) Because of her family’s name & legacy.
    2) For her looks.

  13. Tony says:

    It’s sad being that her Dad was so great that she has no ring talent what so ever. At least she could do is whip out the “Von Erich claw”. It’s the easiest move ever! As far as talent goes talent has allowed Goldust to have a 20+ year career and now helps train younglings in the game.

  14. Mark 210 says:

    @Adam…Lacey was in WWE developmental for a while and they released her.

  15. Carlton says:

    you would think being a von erich it would be in her genes to know how to work. it must skip a generation every now and then

  16. Richard says:

    If you watched TNA which has been exciting as opposed to the same-o same-o on USA lately, you would know that Lacey is being portrayed as the dumbest blond ever and a clutz. This has been going on for almost a year now.
    That being said, her match last Thursday was bowling shoe ugly with miscues and awkwardness. I believa these to be forced on her part and just bad acting.
    She will need to be her own self. Her own incorporated character to achieve her niche.
    Right now she is going to work and doing what she is told.

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