8/6 Smackdown Report

Aug 6, 2010 - by staff

Smackdown starts off with Rey Mysterio coming to the ring to talk about how he will win the World Title at Summer Slam. Hit Drew McIntyre’s music. Drew comes down and calls Rey a criminal for what he did to The Undertaker. He says he admires him, because he would have done the same thing. He tells Rey that he has talked to Teddy Long already and tonight if Rey agrees they will wrestle. Rey says Drew has disrespected him here in his Raza. Rey accepts.

In Ring Action….

Matt Hardy v. Dashing Cody Rhodes

This could have been an interesting match. But with the push that Cody is getting and how much they have buried Matt not much guessing here. Matt looks out of shape and I think in a short time we will see him head to TNA.

Winner-Dashing Cody Rhodes

In Ring Action….

Intercontinental Title Match
Champion Kofi Kingston v. Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki Guerrero

This has been a match in the making for a few weeks now. It is dumb how they will wrestle a couple of times before it is a title match. Kofi starts it off with his ariel assault. But quickly Dolph grounds Kofi and begins to wear him down. After about a 5 minute match Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise, but Vicki gets in the ring to yell at the official. Ziggler then hits the Zig Zag for the win.

Winner-New Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler
Makes no sense as to why Dolph was not disqualified. The IC belt truly means nothing now. After the match Kofi gives Dolph a brutal beating outside the ring. Really brutal. Vicki screams. She makes my ears bleed.

Back in the ring we see the Straight Edge Society work their way down. CM Punk talks about how last week they took Big Show out. He shows the footage of them hurting his arm. The SES are beside themselves with happiness, which makes Punk crazy. He says their happiness is their weakness. I see a big backlash coming Punk’s way.

In Ring Action….

SES v. Chris Masters, MVP, and JTG
This match is a good one to play a game with. Which wrestler will be released first. MVP, Chris Masters, or JTG. If I had to guess it would be JTG.


Main Event
Rey Mysterio v. Drew McIntyre
Rey is still favoring his leg and it shows. Drew uses his size and strength to throw Rey around the ring. After about 10 minutes Rey turns the tide with a suicide dive to the outside to bring Drew to his back. Drew lets Rey work him over for a good portion, but then begins so basic submission moves to work on Rey’s worn down body. Rey has taken his lumps over the years. It’s amazing he can walk let alone work an amazing match. Drew is really coming into his own here on Smackdown. It helps working with a pro like Rey. Rey goes for the 619 and misses, but counters into a springboard huricanrana for the win.

Winner-Rey Mysterio
After the match Rey grabs a mic and wants to talk. But when he starts to talk Kane comes down with a casket. Rey escapes and tells the crowd it wasn’t him who took out the Undertaker. It was Kane!!! Kane shakes his head and drops to his knees closing his eyes not wanting to face the truth.


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