News on Vito, Sgt. Slaughter and Gail Kim

Aug 5, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

– One former ECW original you will likely not see at Sunday’s Hardcore Justice PPV is Vito âہ“The Skull” Lograsso, who was in the Baldies. When contacted by GERWECK.NET, Vito stated that he had not even been contacted by TNA about working the PPV.

– From Arda Ocal: Thought I would pass along some fresh videos for you to peruse:

Sgt. Slaughter, talking about:
– who he usually golfs with on the WWE roster
– traveling North America while he was an Iraqi Sympathizer during the golf war in 1991
– how he got connected with GI Joe
– how he enjoys his role as WWE Ambassador


Gail Kim, talking about:
– WWE then vs WWE now
– What she`s looking to accomplish in the WWE
– Enjoying working with Alicia Fox
– Coming up through the ranks in Ontario, Canada and where she got her training, who gave her good advice


Jimmy Korderas teaches us how to properly score a pin fall in wrestling:

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