Q&A Returns: The Is HardCORE More Hardcore Than Hardcore Edition

Aug 4, 2010 - by staff

Welcome to the first edition of Q&A to take place on the all new Gerweck.net. Once again this week only one question came in. Before I get to it I’d like to remind everyone that if you’d like to send in a question or get my opinion for a future edition you can e-mail me here…


Also normally I’d invite you to send your comments that way, but now you can just leave them at the end of the column, which I find to be a nice new feature. You could also leave your questions there, but personally I’d prefer to still receive them via e-mail. Either way, on to the question.

Q: In regards to the WWE's Women's Division, in your opinion,
why have they not pushed Gail Kim more?  Why not a title belt on her by now?
She is by far, one of the best Female workers they have, why push Alicia Fox, Eve Torres, etc.?
Not knocking thoses two gals, they have greatly improved,
but not to the point they should be pushed ahead of Gail.....
The WWE went after Gail like fire when her TNA Contract was up, but yet,
they now bury her?  Any thoughts?

Thank you

A: I have no idea what so ever of what is going on in WWE’s women’s division in general. The division is low on talent right now with Melina and Beth Phoenix injured plus Natayla, who could wrestle better than most of their diva’s was put into a manager role. Maryse has also been slid into a manager role. Personally I wouldn’t mind if over time all the female wrestlers were slowly slid into manager or valet roles until the division ceased to exist. On the other hand it seems like a perfect time for Gail Kim to be pushed though, especially since she’s just as talented as those previously mentioned. She did get into the title mix a couple of months ago and the only thing I can do is assume that the powers that be did not think she was getting over with the audience enough to justify that spot. That’s really the only explanation for it that I can think of.

The problem with the women’s division is since it’s reincarnation during the attitude era it has been built on selling sex, not talent. Yes, plenty of talented women have come through and won championships. They’ve also been the center of matches that took place in pools of jello, have had them stripped down to lingerie, hit with pillows, and shot with water guns. They had been used more as sexual objects to entice the male eye and Vince McMahon’s fantasies, then as actual wrestlers on their payroll. Alicia Fox and Kelly Kelly didn’t even come to WWE as wrestlers, they were hunted down by John Laurinaitis after he saw them in a bikini catalog. Most of the other diva’s share a similar story in not ever having stepped into a wrestling ring before gaining WWE’s attention.

The division is a joke and most of the women in it are simply using WWE as a stepping stone in their careers. They’re amateur models turned WWE diva, hoping someday to be a famous actress or singer or whatever they truly desire. Maybe some free breast implants too. I at least hope Serena Deeb didn’t have to pay for those just to get hired. Even Chyna who was supposed to be intimidating as DX’s body guard in the late 90’s was made to get facial reconstructive surgery to look more feminine. It’s pathetic.

Now that they’re a PG product though they have shifted away from selling them as sex and instead are promoting these women as powerful role models for young girls. Most of the time they don’t even bother to give these âہ“role models” personality or stories to make them be able to connect to young girls. They strut out to the ring, lock up, one hits a clothesline the other gets kicked in the face and the match is over and it’s time for a commercial. What girl should want to grow up to be a part of that? If they’re going to continue to sell the product to kids they at least need to put some real talent and time into the women’s division and make it and them respectable.

They need to put down the bikini catalogs and just scout the best women wrestlers possible. They’re plenty of them out there. In fact a lot of them are attractive. They all may not want to get breast implants or be at the level of eye candy in which WWE desires, but at least they’ll be able to actually wrestle and give the women’s division a point of existence beyond sex. There are plenty of other ways for WWE to use their idea of beautiful women to sell the product, besides in the ring. Although of course that would lead to them actually having to be creative sometimes.

That’s a wrap on this edition folks. As always, thank you for reading!

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