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Aug 4, 2010 - by staff

All the NXT rookies come out and LayCool come down and says that tonight will be a kissing contest, they pull Husky Harris first and tell him to close his eye and pucker up. While then Michelle tells him there not gonna kiss them but a girl named Magarita. A bigger girl comes out and Husky leans her down and kisses her. Each person then goes and kisses her in different ways and try now to kiss her. When Kaval comes up LayCool feel bad for him and Layla kisses him before he kiss Magarita. Alex Riley then kisses her and faints in the ring, Lucky Cannon wins the contest. Laycool then start saying that they have all won, all won a bunch of different things and then says they have all have cuddies.


Match # 1
Husky Harris vs. Kaval

Husky goes right after Kaval in the corner and then they go back in the middle of the ring going back and fourth with punches and kicks. Kaval then hits a hard kick to the shoulders and as Husky rolls to the outside and then Kaval jumps over the top on to Husky but Husky catches him and throws him into the barrier. Two count on Kaval back in the ring, both men go back and fourth until Husky Harris hits a side walk slam and then runs off the ropes and jumps onto Kaval and pins him for the win.

Winner by pin fall: Husky Harris

Video on Michael McGillicutty

Ashley Valence is backstage with Michael and Kofi; What makes the Miz’s comment different? He says he wants to challenge Miz in the ring and then lucky cannon says he wants to take out the Miz tonight, Miz cuts in from the entrance stage and says that its funny how there wanting to take on the Miz, Kofi then cuts in and says tonight its gonna Lucky vs. Michael then the winner will take on the Miz tonight.


Match #2
Michael McGillicutty vs. Lucky Cannon

Both men lock up and Lucky takes the first shot and gets Michael in a submission move in the middle of the ring, Cannon gets the upper hand but next thing you know Michael hits a swinging neck breaker for the win (6-0) he will face the Miz later tonight.

Winner by pin fall: Michael McGillicutty

coming up Alex Riley vs. Showtime Percy Watson


WWE Summerslam card is ran down

Kofi then is on the mic and tells LayCool that there doing the worst job and then they knock on Kofi, Henry thinks that Zach Ryder is the worst, Cody Rhodes says Kofi cause he’s gonna take the IC title. Zach says nothing; he gets cut off and the Miz comes out and says there all horrible and Morrison says he is the worst and they get into an argument. Alex Riley then comes down to the ring with the Miz.


Match #3
Alex Riley vs. Percy Watson

Alex Riley goes to work right off the bat on Percy and starts to get some offense and then locks in a submission in the middle of the ring until Percy hits a hard elbow to the face then two drop kicks to take back the match. Percy then hits a flip into a pin from the corner (like booker t use to do) for a two count. Alex then hits his finisher a diamond cutter type move for the three count.

Winner by pin fall: Alex Riley

Coming up next is The Miz vs. Michael McGillicutty.


Match #4
The Miz vs. Michael McGillicutty

The match was a quick match that saw the Miz dominate the match, with McGillicutty trying to get offense but the Miz by far showed his winning side and hit the Skull Crushing finale for the win.

-Winner by pin fall: The Miz

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