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Update: Samoa Joe suspended by TNA

To follow up on earlier reports about Samoa Joe’s backstage blow up at TNA following a match with Jeff Hardy, PWInsider is now reporting that Joe has indeed been suspended by TNA. What caused Joe’s suspension was the fact that he went into the production truck during the taping to voice his complaint, something that is considered a big no-no backstage. The belief is that Joe will be suspended for around a month as a result of his actions.

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8 Responses

  1. johnnybadd says:

    so wait they suspended fatty in face paint for visiting the production truck?? maybe he worried the camera would add 100lbs on him!

  2. Blitz says:

    joe has been so underutilized since loosing his tna title i hope he takes that chance as a time to refocus himself, he is no jobber he is Samoa JOe and he WILL KILL YOU!

  3. Toronto says:

    They’re suspending the most underused guy in the company. Brutal. Joe, just leave TNA already. You’re so much better than this company and how they use you.

  4. Fawn says:

    Toronto, you said it best. Joe should leave, go back to ROH, and show everyone why he is pro wrestling.

  5. Phillip says:

    TNA is sooo stupid…you suspend 1 of the top 3 guys your company has ever had..(Aj & Daniels) but you constantly hire Scott Hall!?! Now, i am a Hall fan, but lets be honest.. how many times must he screw them over before Dixie and the Jets get it? Joe is seriously better off going back to RoH or giving WWE a try, hell even going to PWG or Japan is better then staying in TNEh…

  6. Mimuran says:

    Right there is the main reason why I don’t watch TNA (The reports from this website is more than enough to let me know TNA is pure shite), it’s like the flippin’ gong show over there…’s actually reminiscent of the last years of WCW, in terms of you don’t know what the hell they were doing! I’m waiting for the day for Taz and Tenay to start announcing the uncertain future of TNA!
    I see Joe actually being able to make an impact (HAR HAR HAR) in WWE, prolly doing some development time at first. I will die laughing if the reports are true about him getting the big show treatment concerning his weight!

  7. Denis says:

    Seriously, I love the workers in TNA, but man, management needs to wake up and see who the fans are really pulling for. They let Daniels go (who, along with AJ and Joe, were the three best workers in TNA). Now suspend Joe. Don’t want to piss off one of your top guys who could leave for ROH or, God help us, the WWE. They also had CM Punk a few years back, but let him go. Now he’s one of the top guys in WWE. Sound familiar? Steve Austin, Mankind, the Radicals. TNA is turning into WCW all over again (and not the good WCW).

  8. Daniel says:

    would love to see him come to WWE, maybe this will give him that chance.



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