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Top TNA star suspended ?

– is reporting that Samoa Joe has been suspended by TNA for an unknown period of time. Management feels that Joe has a bad attitude and he was also told to lose weight and did not. We hope to have more on this story soon.

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  1. johnnybadd says:

    samoa joe better lay off the krispy kremes n samoan cookies. the tna fans won’t be chantin "joe’s gonna get u!" there gonna chant "joe’s gonna eat u!"

  2. Joan B. in SC says:

    Joe is made like most of the Samoans we’re used to seeing in wrestling. He actually looks like he lost pounds during the time he was “kidnapped.”

  3. Mike says:

    Congrats you don’t even know the right chant.

  4. Chris says:

    that is messed up about the weight part 4 sure. its 1 thing if he had a bad attitude, buti just saw joe up close @ an event 2 mths. ago & he looked fine moved in the ring quite well.

  5. Tania says:

    if they wanted him to lose weight they r crazy he is a samoan who can move like a highflyer at times. and the chant is JOE’S GONNA KILL U

  6. Joe says:

    Why should Joe have to lose weight? He can move like a x-division guy. As for his attitude, if it was about him yelling at Russo for giving away the result of his match vs. Hardy, Joe was right.

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