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Rick Steiner is coming to Alabama

Ultimate NWA is proud to bring you another exciting Ultimate Weekend of great professional wrestling action with THREE shows in two nights, including a show featuring former WCW star Rick Steiner!

On Friday August 13, Ultimate NWA will be at Hayden High School in Hayden, AL located at 125 Atwood Rd. Doors open at 7 pm with Belltime at 8 pm. Ringside tickets will be $10, General Admission is $6, Kids under 4 are free. Proceeds benefit “West Blount Park” Swinging for New Fences. Purchase advanced ticket at Forever Young Hair Studio & Hallmark Accounting or see your favorite little leaguer at the ballpark or any Board Member. For more information call Jeremy @ 205-647-6892 or email

August 14 Ultimate NWA will be in both Scottsboro, AL and Sheffield, AL.

The Scottsboro, AL show will be Scottsboro’s Back to School Special featuring $5 tickets! Already announced Adam Roberts & Adam Jacobs vs The Devil’s Rejects w/ The Rev for the Ultimate NWA Tag Team Championship. This show will be at the Jackson County Fairgrounds located at 220 Cecil St in Scottsboro, AL. Doors at 7pm, Belltime 8pm, for more information email

The Sheffield, AL show is presented by the Sheffield High School Athletic Department and will feature former WCW star RICK STEINER! This event will be at the Sheffield Recreation Center located at 2901 19th Ave in Sheffield, AL. Advanced tickets are $10 for Ringside, $5 General Admission. At the door tickets will be $12 Ringside, $6 General Admission. Advanced tickets can be purchased at the Sheffield Rec Center and Hines Tire on Court St in Florence, AL. Doors at 7pm, Belltime 8pm. For more info email

On 7/24, Ultimate NWA was in Scottsboro, AL for the much anticipated Friendship vs Title match between Adam Jacobs and Adam Roberts.

The show began with Interim Commissioner Chase D talking about how excited he was that Adam Roberts and Adam Jacobs were now feuding with each other. Adam Roberts walked in and said he had decided against the match, that their friendship meant more to him than that. Jacobs came in and once again accused Roberts of being a coward. They got in each others’ faces and began slugging it out. They brawled from the backstage area out into the ring, where the locker room emptied to hold them back.

1) Jarek Tyler d. Ben Thrasher w/ Matt Fortune in 8:52 by pinfall after a standing sliced bread.

Thrasher used his size and numbers game against Tyler but Tyler’s athleticism and tenacity was too much for Thrasher. Fortune tried to distract Tyler but was knocked off the apron by Tyler as he grabbed the head of Thrasher and kicked off of Fortune to fly over Thrasher and pick up the pin.

Jeremiah Flynt was shown backstage talking to Chase D. Chase said he was declaring Flynt the rookie of the year and Flynt was overjoyed.

2) Jeremiah Flynt d. Dustin Hanson in 8:23 by pinfall after hitting him with a trophy behind the referee’s back.

This was another example of power vs speed and athleticism. Flynt is still continuing his ridiculous charade of claiming to be the 2009 Ultimate NWA Rookie of the Year(despite having wrestled for over ten years). It’s gone to a whole new level though with Flynt now carrying a new trophy to the ring that apparently talks to him… Flynt with this trophy is no longer the happy-go-lucky comedy guy. He has genuinely just gone insane. Flynt worked a seated Hanson over in the corner, hitting him with a huge knee to the head. Hanson landed a huge Yakuza kick to the face of Flynt in the corner for a two count. Flynt battled back with a big lariat and attempted to choke Hanson with a towel that he brought to the ring. Referee Jimbo Slice grabbed the towel to put on the timekeeper’s table and as he turned his back, Flynt nailed Hanson with the trophy for the three count.

Flynt cut a promo about being the new force of Ultimate NWA. He continued his attack on Hanson until Ganz and Lightning made the save.

3) Chrisjen Hayme vs Kent Reznor was declared a no contest at 7:38 when Reznor was injured after being thrown over the top rope by Hayme.

Hayme unleased a flurry of offense on Reznor but Reznor fought back and gained several near falls. Hayme was in control of the match when he tossed Reznor over the top rope. Reznor clutched his ankle and wasn’t able to get back up. Referee Jimbo Slice declared the match could not continue. Hayme was extremely upset and argued with Slice.

4) Patrick Bentley d. Corey Hollis in 10:11 by pinfall after hitting a Canadian Destroyer.

Hollis dominated much of this match with a pele kick off the turnbuckles and his signature satellite crossface. Hollis hit a tornado DDT and went up to the top. Jeremiah Flynt ran out to attack the actual Rookie of the Year, Hollis, and was met with knees to the face from Hollis. The distraction gave Bentley the advantage he needed to connect with his devastating Canadian Destroyer for the win.

5) The Devils Rejects w/ The Rev d. Thunder & Lightning in 13:20 by pinfall after the Hell’s Hammer to retain the Ultimate NWA Tag Team Championship.

Ganz & Lightning utilized their speed and skill as a tag team to give the current champions a run for their money. Once again, The Rejects used their size and numbers advantage to pick up yet another victory. Ganz and Lightning had some impressive offense and double teams in this one but unfortunately couldn’t overcome the power of the Rejects.

6) Adam Roberts d. Adam Jacobs in 14:48 by pinfall after the Main Event Slam to retain the Ultimate NWA Heavyweight Championship

This match was hardfought and evenly matched. The crowd was split with many siding with champion Adam Roberts, while many others recognized the frustrations of Scottsboro’s favorite son, Adam Jacobs. Roberts attempted a Main Event Slam only to be rolled up for a two count. The two men traded offense, both getting nearfalls. Finally, Adam Roberts connected with the Main Event Slam for the win. The celebration was cut short as the Devil’s Rejects with the Rev hit the ring to attack both men. Roberts and Jacobs held the advantage until the masked man from previous weeks hit the ring making it four on two. Adam Jacobs grabbed a chair, which sent the Rejects running.

Jacobs stood with the chair and for a moment the crowd feared, he was about to hit Roberts with it but instead they shook hands and challenged the Rejects to a match for the 8/14 Back to School Show in Scottsboro, AL.

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