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Survivor Series


Sunday, November 27th in Detroit, MI

– The new WWE promo hit. Following this, a well done video package runs highlighting what the Survivor Series is all about. Images of the feud between RAW and SmackDown are shown in between this along with John Cena, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, Triple H, Booker T, Chris Benoit and the returning Undertaker.
– The opening graphic for Survivor Series hits. We then go live to Detroit where a huge display of pyro goes off in the entrance way. We see a live shot of the crowd. The voice of Joey Styles welcomes us to the show. Styles introduces Lawler and The Coach. They pass it on to the Spanish Announce Team. Michael Cole and Tazz then finish off the announcing area.
– Sharmell comes out and introduces “her man” and the soon to be Undisputed United States Champion…Booker T.

WWE United States Championship – Match #1 of Best of 7 Series
Booker T w/ Sharmell vs. Chris Benoit

The match starts with Chris Benoit charging at Booker T in the corner. Booker switches it around and he goes after Benoit in the corner. They break it up, circle around the ring and feel each other out with a few extended arms. Both lock up and Booker gets a quick overhead takeover slam. Both lock up again, Booker backs Benoit up into the corner and Benoit turns it around. Benoit gets in a few knees to the gut and then punches Booker, sending him through the ropes, bouncing off the apron to the outside. Michael Cole mentions that Match #2 of this series will air this Tuesday night on the live SmackDown special on UPN. Benoit opens up the ropes and taunts at Booker to get back in. Booker does and they lock up. Booker goes behind Benoit and gets a go-behind-takedown. Benoit reverses that and gets on the back of Booker. Benoit locks the leg of Booker and wrenches it back. Booker gets the ropes and Benoit breaks the hold. Booker then leaves the ring and composes himself on the outside. Sharmell consoles him a bit and then Booker gets back in the ring. Benoit and Booker do a test of strength. Booker gets the advantage getting Benoit close to a bridge, but Benoit battles back lifting himself up. Booker then takes out Benoit with a big back kick. Booker gets in a forearm followed by another high elbow as Benoit came off the ropes. Booker attempts a suplex, but Benoit counters that into a suplex of his own. Benoit then sends Booker into the ropes and takes him out with a big charge. Benoit covers, but only gets a two count.

Benoit works on the mid-section of Booker with a few knees to the gut. Benoit gets ina few right hands in the corner. When Benoit irish whips Booker into the corner, Booker fights back with a big boot to the face. Booker follows that up with a side slam on Benoit, covers, but only gets a two count. Booker then applies an armbar, working on the left shoulder of Benoit. Benoit fights his way out of the submission and gives Booker a few elbows to the head. Booker breaks that up with a kick to the gut followed by applying an abdominal stretch. Booker wrenches back as Benoit shows the pain in his face. Benoit then fights out of the abdominal stretch with a big arm drag. Benoit takes out Booker one more time, but then Booker fights back with a big boot. Booker taunts at Benoit as he gets up, kicks him in the gut two times followed by a big spinning heel kick. Booker hooks the leg of Benoit, but only gets a two count. Booker then sends Benoit chest first into the corner and Benoit bounces off with force. Booker then gets a roll-over pin on Benoit for a two count. Booker then gets in a swinging neckbreaker, covers, but only gets a two count. Booker then applies a neck submission on Benoit, pulling back with force. Benoit gets in a few elbows to fight back, but Booker stops anything more with a big knee to the face. Benoit counters a snap suplex into a big german suplex. Benoit attempts a second, but Booker switches it and gets in a big heel kick. Both men stay down as the referee starts the count. Booker is the first to his feet, covers, but only gets a two count.

Benoit fights back sliding under Booker and hitting a dragon screw. Benoit goes for the Sharpshooter, but Booker counters that into a small package for a two count. Benoit gets in a few chops followed by a big shoulder block in the middle of the ring. Benoit covers, but only gets a two count. Benoit hits a snap suplex, floats into the cover, but still gets a two count. Benoit hits one german suplex, a second and a final third. Both men stay done, but Benoit is the first up. Benoit signals for the end. Benoit goes up to the top rope, but Sharmell gets up on the ring apron. This distracts Benoit allowing Booker to get in a few right hands and jump up with Benoit. Benoit fights Booker off the corner with some rights to the side and some big headbutts. A final headbutt sends Booker off the corner. Benoit stands up, jumps, but Booker rolls out of the way when Benoit attempted the flying headbutt. Booker gets in a roll-up on Benoit, uses the ropes for leverage, Sharmell holds the Booker’s feet on the ropes and gets the pinfall.

Winner of Match #1: Booker T

Best of 7 Series Standings for WWE U.S. Title:
Booker T: 1
Chris Benoit: 0

After the match, Booker T and Sharmell celebrate as they head to the back. Chris Benoit gets up on one knee and stares down both with an angry look on his face. Benoit gets up to his feet and the crowd in Detroit cheer for Benoit as he heads to the back.

– Backstage, Eric Bischoff is warming up when Vince McMahon comes up. He wishes Bischoff good luck tonight and said he did the same for Teddy Long earlier. Bischoff said he will “wipe the floor” with Long tonight and then Team RAW will destory Team SmackDown tonight. Bischoff brings up the 1997 Survivor Series Screwjob with Bret Hart and how that was “so 90’s”. He said after tonight, when he screws John Cena, all you will hear now is “YOU SCREWED CENA.” Cena comes up saying Cena must like to screw guys. Bischoff walks off angry. Cena speaks with McMahon and McMahon throws off some “gangsta lingo.” They slap hands a bit and the segment ends, and I kid you not, with McMahon saying the “n” word with an “a”. Booker T & Sharmell are nearby and Booker does his “tell me he didn’t just say that” line.

WWE Women’s Championship Match
Trish Stratus (c) w/ Mickie James vs. Melina w/ MNM

The match starts with Trish tackling Melina in the ring and sending her to the outside. MNM console Melina. Trish gets up on the top rope and she hits a big dive taking out MNM and Melina. Melina gets back in the ring and Trish takes her down to the mat by her hair. Trish kicks Melina in the gut, flips up into a headstand into a head scissors takedown. Melina fights back hitting a forearm to the back of Trish. Melina then kicks Trish in the gut and uses the second rope to choke her. Melina chokes Trish with her boot in the corner. Trish then reverses this and Trish chokes Melina in the corner with her boot. Melina rakes the eyes of Trish and follows that up with a big kick to the face. Melina then goes to the outside and brawls with Mickie James. In the ring, MNM looks to hit a double-team move on Trish. Before they can, the referee breaks it up and sends MNM to the back. Back in the ring, Melina hits a big takedown on Trish followed by some quick forearms. Melina takes down Trish with a clothesline and then slams her face to the mat. Melina applies a surfboard submission to the back of Trish. Melina breaks the move, allowing Trish to hit her face on the mat. Trish fights back with a few right hands followed by a forearm, kick to the gut, an attmepted Stratusfaction, but Melina counters and nails Trish face first off the mat.

Melina covers Trish, but only gets a two count. Melina screams in frustration. Trish does her Matrix Back Bridge, but Melina hits a sledgehammer to Trish’s mid-section and covers for another two count. Melina takes out Trish with an elbow to the face in the corner. Trish then comes back hitting her headstand into a huricanranna off the top rope. Trish then hits a spinebuster on Melina, covers, but only gets a two count. Melina dodges a first Chick Kick, but can’t dodge a second. Trish then goes for the Stratusfaction, but Melina counters and sends Trish to the ring apron. Mickie James helps Trish from falling off. Trish then goes up to the top rope. As Mickie James gets back up from a Chick Kick from the ring apron by Trish, Trish jumps and hits a jumping bulldog off the top rope on Melina. Trish covers Melina and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL WWE Women’s Champion: Trish Stratus

After the match, Trish Stratus celebrates with Mickie James in the ring with the WWE Women’s Title in hand.

– A promo airs for the Jake “The Snake” Roberts DVD that will air in the WWE Fanatic Series this month.
– Dmitri Young of the Detroit Tigers is shown in the crowd.
– Backstage, Triple H is shown taping up his wrists and hands. Following this, a video package runs highlighting the Steel Cage Match between Ric Flair and Triple H at Taboo Tuesday and how that led into their Last Man Standing Match tonight at Survivor Series.

Last Man Standing Match
WWE IC Champion Ric Flair vs. Triple H

The Intercontinental Title is not on the line in this match. During Ric Flair’s entrance, Triple H ran over and took him out right away to start up the match. Triple H gets in a few hard rights on Flair and sends him into the steel barricade. Triple H throws Flair back in the ring and he hits a few hard rights. Triple H takes the Intercontinental Title and throws it away out of the ring. Triple H continues to work on Flair who still has his robe on. Triple H kicks Flair to the outside and Flair takes off the robe. Triple H leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair. Triple H walks over to Flair, puts the chair high in the air, but Flair nails Triple H in the gut with a singapore cane. Flair nails Triple H over the back with it and then sends him into the crowd over the barricade. Flair gets in a few hard rights on Triple H in the crowd along with some chest chops. When Triple H backs up near the barricade, Flair charges and Triple H gives Flair a big back body drop over the barricade to the mat at ringside. The referee is up to a 5 count on Flair who is down until Triple H picks him up and gives him a big suplex. The referee starts the count again as Triple H rolls into the ring. Flair gets up to 6 and Triple H pulls Flair up to the ring apron. Triple H lifts up Flair in a vertical suplex and comes back down with force in the ring. Triple H drops an elbow to break the referee’s new count. Triple H drops a second elbow as Flair rolls over to the corner.

Flair fights back with a few chest chops on Triple H, but Triple H fights back sending Flair through the ropes to the outside. Triple H picks up Flair on the outside, but Flair gives Triple H some chops. Flair tries to nail Triple H head first off the steel post, but Triple H counters and Flair hits it face first instead. Triple H then pulls a screwdriver out from under the ring and Triple H drives it into the forehead of Flair. Blood starts to pour from the head of Flair. Flair screams out in pain as Triple H drives the screwdriver into his forehead yet a second time. Triple H throws Flair back in the ring and continues driving the screwdriver into the head of Flair. Flair rolls outside of the ring attempting to compose himself as blood continues to run down his face. When Flair gets back in, Triple H takes him out with a forearm followed by a knee drop to the face. Triple H does this again for a second time. Flair gets up in the corner and Triple H hits a few rights. Flair fights back with a few chest chops. Triple H grabs Flair and sends him through the ropes to the outside. Triple H grabs Flair and hits a few hard rights to his bloody head. Triple H then clears off the top of the spanish announce table. Flair then fights back sending Triple H shoulder first into the steel steps. The referee starts the count and gets to 5 when Flair grabs Triple H and hits a chop. Triple H fights back with a hard right. Triple H then hits a big spinebuster on the floor on Flair.

Triple H gets on the mic and tells Flair to stay down. The referee gets to the 7 count when Flair grabs Triple H by the groin. Triple H screams out in pain and then slams the mic on the head of Flair. Flair goes down right away as Triple H grabs his groin in pain. The referee then starts the count. The referee gets to 6 when Triple H grabs Flair and puts him on top of the RAW announce table where Jerry Lawler, Joey Styles and The Coach are. Triple H gets Flair in the Pedigree position, but Flair counters and gives Triple H a back drop right on top of the spanish announce table smashing it to pieces. The referee starts the count on Triple H as a bloody Flair rolls back into the ring. Triple H somehow gets to his feet at the 9 count and bounces into the ring apron struggling to stay on his feet. Triple H grabs a steel chair and puts it on the ring apron. Flair brings Triple H back in and he chops him a few times followed by some right hands. Triple H fights back with a jumping knee to the face on Flair. A bloody Flair gets to his feet at the 6 mark along with Triple H. Triple H takes out Flair with a hard right. Triple H then grabs the steel chair, lifts it up, but then throws it back down. Triple H gets on Flair and gives him some hard rights. Flair gets fired up and backs to the corner as Triple H approaches. Triple H takes down Flair some more with some rights. Triple H takes Flair near the steel chair on the mat, looks to lock in the Pedigree when Flair hits a low blow! Flair picks up the steel chair and nails Triple H with it. The referee starts the count as a bloody Flair gets to his feet. Flair picks up Triple H by the head and then bites him on the forehead. Flair chops Triple H a few times in the corner followed by a right hand to the groin.

Flair grabs Triple H by the legs, goes to the outside, stands up on the steel steps and brings in Triple H for a low blow into the steel post. Flair then drives both of Triple H’s legs against the steel post. Flair clears away the steel steps and low blows Triple H against the steel post a few more times. Flair gets back in the ring and clips Triple H on the knee. Flair bites Triple H on the knee and follows that up with a kick to the knee. Flair continues to work on the leg of Triple H with some stiff kicks. Flair drops a knee over the face of Triple H. Flair chops Triple H, bounces off the ropes and clips Triple H’s knee yet again. Flair grabs the leg of Triple H, pulls it forward a few times, attempts the Figure Four, but Triple H kicks him away. Flair goes for another Figure Four, but this time Triple H kicks Flair outside of the ring. Flair grabs Triple H from outside and throws his knee against the steel post again. Flair grabs a steel chair and nails the knee of Triple H against the steel post. The referee starts the count, but Flair breaks it up and applies the Figure Four. Flair applies the Figure Four near the ropes so he can keep his body off the mat a bit. Flair keeps it locked in, wrenching back using the ropes. Triple H starts to tap out, but it doesn’t matter since that cannot rule a winner in this match. Flair breaks the hold and gets to his feet using the ropes as the referee starts the count. The referee gets to 7 and Triple H gets up for a second to stop the count. When Flair charges, Triple H takes him out with a clothesline. Triple H leaves the ring and goes to the outside. Triple H grabs the top part of the steel steps and throws it into the ring. Triple H picks up the steel steps, charges and nails Flair in the face with it.

Flair screams out in pain. When Flair gets up again, Triple H charges again. This time Flair gives Triple H a drop toe hold, allowing Triple H to drop the steel steps and hit them face first. Both men are down as the referee starts the count. The referee gets to 8 as both Flair and Triple H get up. Flair chops Triple H a few times. Triple H fights back with some rights. Flair gets some more chops, sends Triple H into the ropes, Triple H comes back and grabs Flair hooking the Pedigree and connecting. Triple H backs up into the corner as the referee starts the count with Flair down. Flair crawls over and uses the steel steps to get to his feet. When Flair gets up, Triple H grabs him and hits another Pedigree. The referee starts the count again. Flair somehow rolls out and flips off Triple H near the corner. Triple H approaches and gives Flair some hard lefts and rights. Triple H grabs Flair and hits a third Pedigree. The referee starts the count and at 6 Flair starts to roll over and get to his feet. Triple H leaves the ring and grabs the sledgehammer from under the ring. Once back inside, Triple H nails the side of the sledgehammer across the back of Flair. The referee counts and gets to 10.

Winner: Triple H

After the match, Triple H approaches the bloody body of Ric Flair and stands over him with the sledgehammer in hand. Triple H uses his hand to symbolize a gun and shoots Flair in the face. Triple H leaves the ring as WWE officials and EMT’s hit the ring to attend to Flair. Triple H smiles at the ring as he backs up in the entrance way. He mocks Flair letting out a “WOOOOOO” as he poses near the entrance.

– A promo for the new Bret Hart DVD airs.
– Trish Stratus & Mickie James are shown entering the WWE Instant Access room for with Todd Grisham.
– Backstage, Team SmackDown is shown talking. Randy Orton said he would have become the World Heavyweight Champion on SmackDown if Team RAW didn’t interfere. JBL agrees and Mysterio defends Batista in Spanish. Orton brings up he has won the last two year’s at Survivor Series and feels he should be the leader. Batista then appears behind Orton. He said there should only be one leader out there tonight and since he is World Champion, he should be it. Mysterio agress. JBL complains, but then agrees. Batista shakes hands with Lashley. Batista then asks Randy and Randy says he is the man with an angry look on his face.

– Edge’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring along with Lita. Edge drops his “Money in the Bank” briefcase down and gets on the mic. Edge says he knows everyone wants to see the WWE Title be defended next, but that the crowd has to wait. He said he has a big announcement. Edge says he will be doing a show on RAW very soon called “The Cutting Edge.” He said there will be no stupid palm trees and that he will ask the tough questions. Edge introduces Lita as his lovely co-host for the show and brings up that Dmitri Young of the Detroit Tigers is in the crowd. He said if he was on his shown, he would asks him what it is like heading back to spring training to a team that doesn’t have a shot at winning the World Series. Edge asks if it is a lack of steroids that is stopping them. He then says it might be a lack of cheeseburgers, calling him fatty. Edge says baseball is a joke since it is full of a bunch of over paid cry babies. He says Detroit doesn’t bring anything to the table since they don’t hold a winning attitude. Edge says the baseball team hasn’t won a championship in 21 years, the baskeball team choked last year and the football team plays on Thanksgiving and make him thankful for a few things: they help him fall asleep since he knows they will lose and that he doesn’t have to live in the Motor City. Lita says it looks like Dmitri Young wants to say something. Edge agrees and refers to him as Mark Henry. Lita leaves the ring and brings a mic to Dmitri. Dmitri Young said the big difference between him and Edge is that he hits balls and Edge doesn’t have any. Young plugs the Detroit Red Wings and the championships held by the Tigers and Pistons. He asks where Edge’s championship is at. Edge said just like Ford, they are getting out of this city. Edge leaves with Lita and they head to the back.

– Joey Styles mentions that the new show on RAW starring Edge & Lita, “The Cutting Edge”, will debut tomorrow night on RAW. Jerry Lawler & The Coach plug the upcoming match between John Cena and Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship with Daivari as the special guest referee. A video package runs highlighting the WWE Championship Match tonight with John Cena defending against Kurt Angle with Daivair as the special guest referee.

WWE Championship Match
Special Guest Referee: Daivari
John Cena (c) vs. Kurt Angle

Before the match, special guest referee Daivari raised the WWE Title high in the air and then walked over raising Angle’s arm in the air. Cena smiled at this as the bell rang. Both lock up and Angle takes down Cena with an elbow to the leg followed by a slight submission. Cena kicks Angle away, but Angle goes back to work on the leg yet again. Cena kicks away Angle and then hits an arm drag into an armbar submission. Cena hits a shoulder block on Angle, another, but Angle rolls to the outside. When Cena goes to follow Angle, referee Daivari holds Cena back instead of counting for Angle being out of the ring. Angle walks up the steel steps as the crowd in Detroit start a dueling “LETS GO CENA-LETS GO ANGLE” chant. Angle charges at Cena and gets in a few elbows and punches in the corner. Angle sends Cena into the corner, but Cena gets up a boot when Angle charges. Cena takes out Angle with a sledgehammer and hip toss to a few boo’s. Cena hits a fisherman suplex, covers, but Daivari won’t count the pin. Some of the fans cheer at this. When Cena gets in the face of Daivari, Angle grabs Cena and applies the Ankle Lock as the fans in Detroit cheer loudly. When Cena reaches for the bottom rope, Angle pulls Cena back out to the middle. Cena changes direction and reaches for the opposite bottom rope, but Angle pulls him out to the middle once again. Cena then gets in a big leap and gets the bottom rope. Daivari kicks away Cena’s arm and the fans cheer. Cena hits a spinebuster on Angle and then punches Daivari. Daivari argues with Cena and Cena slaps him. Daivari is about to call a DQ finish when Angle stops him. Angle tells Daivari to calm down when Angle hits both, sending them through the ropes to the outside.

Angle grabs Cena from under the ropes, brings him to the outside and nails Cena face first off the steel steps. Angle then hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Cena on the mat. Angle calls at Daivari to get up, who is still knocked out on the outside. Angle throws Cena back in the ring, another WWE referee comes down, Angle covers, but only gets a two count. Angle gets in some hard rights on Cena and follows that up with a quick suplex into a cover for a two count. Angle covers Cena again, but gets a two count. Angle then applies a modified bear hug submission on Cena on the mat. Cena rolls around trying to fight out of it. Cena fights out of it with two elbows followed by a high cross-body off the ropes that resulted in a two count. Cena gets in a few right hands, but Angle catches Cena with yet another overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Angle picks up Cena and drives his knee into his head with force. When Cena sits up, Angle kicks him in the back a few times followed by some forearms to the back. Angle starts to choke Cena on the mat using the ropes for leverage. Angle picks up Cena and gives him a big back suplex that resulted in a two count. Angle then applies a modified single leg boston crab and an STF submission. Cena tries to fight out of it with some stiff elbows. Angle applies a headlock submission and Cena counters that into a jawbreaker to the booing of some of the fans in Detroit. Cena comes back with a quick DDT on Angle. Both men stay down as the referee starts the count. Both men get up and exchange some right hands. Cena hits a flying shoulder block, two clotheslines and a turning belly-to-back sitdown powerbomb. Cena does the “YOU CAN’T SEE ME” taunt and hits the five knucke shuffle off the ropes.

When Angle gets up, he takes out the referee with a charge and then low blows Cena. Angle calls out another WWE referee to come down to the ring. Angle hits the Angle Slam on Cena, covers…1…2…Cena kicks out! Angle puts Cena on the top rope, gets in a few rights, comes up with Cena and then hits a big superplex from the top. Angle gets an arm over the chest of Cena, but only gets a two count. Angle then goes up to the top rope, jumps, hits a big moonsault, but Cena moves out of the way. When Angle stands up, Cena gets him in the FU position. Angle grabs the referee and pulls himself down. Angle takes out Cena and then knocks out the referee. Angle goes to the outside and puts Daivari back in the ring. A SmackDown referee comes down to the ring and Angle speaks with him. In the ring, Cena gives Daivari a DDT knocking him out. Cena then drops back to the mat playing up being knocked out still. Angle comes in with the SmackDown referee. When Angle picks up Cena, Cena grabs Angle and connects with the FU! Cena hooks the leg…1…2…3.

Winner & STILL WWE Champion: John Cena

After the match, John Cena celebrates with the WWE Championship as a frustrated Kurt Angle walks up the entrance way yelling at Cena.

– A promo airs plugging the SmackDown Special on UPN this Tuesday night. Announced for the show: RAW’s Big Show vs. SmackDown’s Rey Mysterio at 9pm ET/8pm CT. Michael Cole adds that Match #2 of the Best of 7 Series between Booker T and Chris Benoit for the WWE United States Title will also take place.

General Manager vs. General Manager
RAW GM Eric Bischoff vs. SmackDown GM Teddy Long

The bell rings and both Eric Bischoff and Teddy Long trade insults at each other. When Bischoff attempts a clothesline, Long moves out of the way and taunts at Bischoff. Bischoff attempts a karate kick, but Long moves yet again. When Bischoff charages, Long sends him face first into the corner. Long taunts at Bischoff doing the karate kid pose. Bischoff takes off his black belt and chokes Long with it as the referees get distracted by Palmer Cannon. Bischoff kicks Palmer off the ring apron and Bischoff chokes Long a bit on the mat. Bischoff chokes Long yet again. Bischoff then applies a sleeper hold on Long. Long falls to the mat looking to fade away. Long then takes off his shoe and nails Bischoff in the head with it to break up the sleeper hold. Bischoff applies a side headlock followed by a karate thrust to the chest. As this takes place, The Boogeyman’s music hits with his voice saying he is coming. The ring fills with red lighting as the arena goes dark. Bischoff sends the referees to the entrance area. As he is looking forward, The Boogeyman appears standing behind Bischoff. Boogeyman grabs Bischoff, kicks him in the gut and hits a pumphandle slam. Boogeyman backs up out of the ring as Long covers Bischoff. Long gets the pinfall as Boogeyman leaves the ringside area and into the crowd.

Winner: SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long

– Michael Cole plugs the WWE Armageddon PPV on December 18.
– Backstage, Team SmackDown is shown leaving the locker room. They walk further into the backstage area through a crowd of SmackDown superstars cheering them on. Team RAW is then shown leaving their locker room area and getting cheered on by RAW superstars as well.
– A video package runs highlighting the big Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown Elimination Match tonight at Survivor Series.

RAW vs. SmackDown Elimination Match
Team RAW (Shawn Michaels, Big Show, Kane, Carlito & Chris Masters) vs. Team SmackDown (World Heavyweight Champion Batista, JBL, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio & Bobby Lashley)

Shawn Michaels starts for Team RAW, while Randy Orton starts for Team SmackDown. Both lock up and Orton backs up HBK to the corner before the referee breaks it up. They lock up again and Orton pushes HBK into the opposite corner. Orton then slaps HBK in the face. HBK slaps Orton back. They lock up, HBK gets in a takedown, Orton works on the head, this is done two more times and HBK prevents anything more with a big slap to Orton’s face. HBK chops Orton a few times in the corner. Orton irish whips HBK, but HBK comes back taking out Orton. HBK gets in a few chops, Orton fights back with a kick to the face followed by an uppercut. Orton covers HBK, but only gets a two count. Orton gets in a few hard rights followed by a scoop slam. HBK fights back working on the arm of Orton and tagging in Chris Masters for RAW. Orton rakes the eyes of Masters and gets in a few forearms to the back. Orton hits Masters with a high knee lift. Masters fights back with a few chops followed by a shoulder block on Orton. Masters covers, but JBL breaks up the pinfall. Orton gets in an uppercut on Masters and then tags in Bobby Lashley for SmackDown. They stare each other down, Masters attempts a shoulder block, Lashley stays up, Masters goes off the ropes again and hits a big powerslam. Lashley misses a charge in the corner on Masters and Masters takes out Lashley with a clothesline. Masters then attempts the Master Lock on Lashley. Lashley fights out of it and hits a few elbows to the jaw of Masters. Lashley hits a big belly-to-belly throw on Masters and Carlito gets the tag for RAW. Carlito tells Big Show that he doesn’t want to be tagged and Lashley throws him in.

Lashley takes out Carlito with two big clotheslines followed by a big running powerslam that results in a two count. Carlito fights back catching Lashley with an elbow in the corner. HBK gets the tag, HBK goes up to the top rope, but Lashley grabs HBK throwing him off the rope. Lashely takes out HBK with a scoop slam and a big overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Carlito comes in attacking Lashley, but Lashely hits him with The Dominator. Lashley grabs HBK, attempts The Dominator, but Kane grabs Lashley from the ring apron and nails him with a chokeslam. HBK covers Lashley and gets the pinfall.

Bobby Lashely is eliminated.

Rey Mysterio is in for SmackDown and he takes out HBK with a big dropkick to the knee. Kane gets in a knee to the back on Mysterio as he came off the ropes. Masters gets the tag for RAW and he lifts up Mysterio over his head, doing a few presses followed by dropping him from the mat. Kane then gets the tag for RAW. Kane misses an elbow drop on Mysterio and Mysterio hits a dropkick to the face followed by a sliding leg drop. Mysterio hits a standing moonsault on Kane for a two count. Mysterio counters a side slam from Kane, but runs into a big boot from Kane. Kane works on the lower back of Mysterio in the corner with some charges and kicks. Kane hits a big backbreaker on Mysterio, covers and Mysterio kicks out after two. Kane continues to work on the back of Mysterio in a bear hug. Mysterio battles out with some headbutts and a tag to Batista for SmackDown. Batista gets in a few charges on Kane in the corner, but Kane nails the injured ribs of Batista. Batista then fires back with a big spear on Kane. Batista takes out HBK, Carlito and sends Masters over the top rope. When Big Show comes in, Batista hits a low blow. Mysterio hits a 619 on Kane. Batista hits a spinebuster on Kane, covers and gets the pinfall.

Kane is eliminated.

Big Show then grabs Batista and hits a big chokeslam! Big Show covers…1…2…Batista kicks out! Kane still stays in the ring as Big Show clears out the SmackDown guys. Big Show & Kane give Batista a double chokeslam. Big Show covers and gets the pinfall.

Batista is eliminated.

JBL then goes after Big Show with a few punches. JBL jumps off the top, but Big Show catches him and slams him back down to the mat. Big Show chops JBL a few times in the corner. Big Show takes out Orton when he comes in. Mysterio jumps at Big Show and Big Show throws him with force into the corner. Orton drops Big Show’s chin off the top rope and JBL hits the Clotheslines From Hell on Big Show. Mysterio gets the tag and hits the 619 on Big Show. Orton gets the tag and hits the RKO on Big Show. JBL gets the tag and hits a second Clothesline From Hell. Mysterio hits a senton off the top rope and covers Big Show to get the pinfall.

Big Show is eliminated.

All hell breaks loose as the remaining members of both RAW and SmackDown start to brawl in the ring. In the ring, Masters throws Mysterio with force into the corner, covers, but only gets a two count. Carlito gets the tag and gives Mysterio a quick suplex. Carlito covers, but only gets a two count. Carlito hits a quick leg drop on Mysterio, covers again, but only gets a two count. Left is JBL, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio for SmackDown while Shawn Michaels, Carlito and Chris Masters are left for RAW. In the ring, Carlito applies a headlock on Mysterio. They show a shot of Masters checking on HBK who is still knocked out on the outside. In the ring, Mysterio fights back with some elbows to Carlito. Mysterio hits a moonsault on Carlito off the ropes. Carlito catches Mysterio, but JBL tagged himself in as Mysterio did the moonsault. When Carlito has Mysterio, JBL takes out Carlito with a Clothesline From Hell. JBL covers Carlito and gets the pinfall.

Carlito is eliminated.

Chris Masters hits the ring and goes after JBL. Masters hits a quick suplex on JBL that results in a two count. Mysterio tags himself in on JBL. Mysterio springboards off the top rope, but Masters catches him. JBL gives Masters a big boot, Masters falls over, Mysterio covers, but only gets a two count. Masters misses a charge on Mysterio in the corner hitting the steel post. Mysterio dropkicks Masters to the knee, allowing him to fall against the ropes. Mysterio hits the 619 followed by a springboard leg drop. Mysterio covers and gets the pinfall.

Chris Masters is eliminated.

The only member of Team RAW left is Shawn Michaels. Team SmackDown has JBL, Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton left. JBL picks up Michaels on the outside, drops him off the announce table and throws him back in the ring. In the ring, Mysterio slides under HBK, but HBK fights back with a chop. Mysterio hits a drop toe hold to HBK that he follows up with a big 619. HBK flops around after the move. When Mysterio springboards off the top rope, HBK catches him with some Sweet Chin Music. HBK covers Mysterio and gets the pinfall.

Rey Mysterio is eliminated.

JBL hits the ring and attempts the Clothesline From Hell. HBK ducks, turns around and nails JBL with the Sweet Chin Music. HBK covers JBL and gets the pinfall.

JBL is eliminated.

Randy Orton then comes into the ring and stalks HBK as he starts to get to his feet. Orton goes for the RKO, but Michaels dodges it and sends Orton to the outside. HBK jumps over the top rope and takes out Orton. In the ring, HBK takes out Orton with an inverted atomic drop followed by a clothesline. HBK hits another clothesline on Orton followed by a scoop slam. HBK then goes up to the top rope, jumps and connects with the flying elbow. Both men are down as the referee starts the count. On the outside, JBL is shown grabbing a steel chair on the ground. JBL knocks out a referee and gets in the ring. JBL tries to nail HBK with the steel chair, but HBK ducks and nails JBL again with the Sweet Chin Music. As this takes place, Orton gets to his knees. When HBK turns around, Orton jumps up and connects with the RKO! Orton covers HBK…1…2…3.

Winners: Team SmackDown

After the match, members of the SmackDown roster hit the ring and celebrate with Randy Orton. The SmackDown stars put Orton on their shoulders and continue to celebrate. The Undertaker’s gong hits and Orton has a scared look on his face. Orton gets down off the shoulders of the SmackDown stars and drops to his knees staring down the entrance way. Druids appear moving a casket standing face up in the entrance area. They leave and the lights go out. A spotlight shines on the casket sitting face up. Lightning strikes the casket and it goes up in flames. The door gets pushed down and The Undertaker appears. The Undertaker makes his way down to the ring and gets inside as Orton backs up. Undertaker takes out a few SmackDown stars with chokeslams and tosses over the top rope. Undertaker gives William Regal a Tombstone Piledriver as Randy Orton looks on from the ringside area. Undertaker rolls his eyes back and slices his throat taunting at Randy Orton. Orton is shown staring down Undertaker as the gong tones and the music plays as the PPV goes off the air…

Source: Adam Martin,

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