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Survivor Series


* Road Dog/Billy Gunn/Godwinns over The Headbangers & The Blackjacks.
Order of elimination: Henry Godwinn, Barry Windham, Headbanger Mosh, Phinneas Godwinn,
Justin Hawk Bradshaw, Headbanger Thrasher. Survivors: Road Dog & Billy Gunn.

* Truth Commission over Disciples Of Apocalypse.
Order of elimination: Chainz, The Jackal, Recon, Skull, 8-Ball, Sniper, Crush.
Survivor: The Interrogator.

* Team Canada (Doug Furnas/PhilLaFon/Jim Neidhart/the British Bulldog) over Team USA
(Vader/Marc Mero/Goldust/Steve Blackman)
Order of elimination: Blackman, Neidhart, LaFon, Mero, Goldust (he was tagged in but left
the ring instead and got counted out), Furnas, Vader (when Bulldog hit him in the head with the
ring bell). Survivor: The British Bulldog.

* Kane over Mankind with the Tombstone Piledriver

* Nation Of Domination were defeated by the team of Ahmed Johnson, Ken Shamrock & L.O.D.
Order of elimination: Road Warrior Hawk, Faarooq, Ahmed, Kama, Animal, D-Lo Brown, Rocky.
Survivor: Ken Shamrock.

* Stone Cold Steve Austin regained the Intercontinental Champion from Owen Hart

* Shawn Michaels won the WWF World Title by submission over Bret Hart with a
SHARPSHOOTER! Bret Hart then spit on Vince McMahon afterwards.

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  • Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus (6%, 31 Votes)
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