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Fall Brawl ’94

1. Johnny B. Badd pinned TV champ Lord Steven Regal in 11:10 to win the title.

2. Kevin Sullivan pinned Cactus Jack in 5:56 of a “loser leaves WCW” match.

3. Hacksaw Jim Duggan pinned U.S. champ Stunning Steve Austin in 0:35 to win the title.

4. WCW tag team champs Pretty Wonderful beat Stars & Stripes in 12:59. Stars & Stripes is Marcus Bagwell and the Patriot.

5. Vader pinned the Guardian Angel in 7:06.

6. Vader pinned Sting in 23:37.

7. Dusty & Dustin Rhodes and the Nasty Boys beat Terry Funk, Bunkhouse Buck, Arn Anderson, & Col. Robert Parker in 19:14 of the Wargames cage match.

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