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Sunday, September 19, 1999 in Villa Park, IL

1. Lance Storm pinned Jerry Lynn (16:38).

2. Jazz beat Tom Marquez (0:58) via DQ.

3. Chris Chetti & Nova NC Simon Diamond & Tony DeVito (3:52).

4. Yoshihiro Tajiri beat Super Crazy and Little Guido (14:38) in a “three way dance.”

Crazy pinned Guido (9:18).
Tajiri pinned Crazy (14:38).

5. Justin Credible pinned Sabu (14:06).

6. Mike Awesome beat Taz and Masato Tanaka (13:48) in a “three way dance” to win the ECW Title.

Tanaka and Awesome pinned Taz (2:01).
Awesome pinned Tanaka (13:48).

7. ECW Tag Champs Tommy Dreamer & Raven beat Steve Corino & Jack Victory (3:24) when Dreamer pinned Corino and Raven pinned Victory.

8. ECW TV Champ Rob Van Dam pinned Balls Mahoney (19:39).

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