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Randy Savage

Real name: Randy Mario Poffo
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 237 lbs.
Date of birth: November 15, 1952
Date of death: May 20, 2011
Hometown: Sarasota, FL
Pro debut: 1973
Trained by: Angelo Poffo
Finishing Move: Flying Elbowdrop

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– In February 1976, Savage and his brother Lanny Poffo captured the Gulf Coast Tag Team titles.
– The Poffo brothers won the NWA Southeastern Tag Team title in 1977.
– Ole Anderson, who saw him in the Carolinas and thought his style was like that of a savage, changed his ring name.
– On January 3, 1978, “Macho Man” Savage defeated Don Kent for the NWA Mid-America Heavyweight title in Birmingham, AL.
– On November 11, 1978, Savage pinned “Dirty” Dutch Mantell to win his second NWA Mid-America title.
– In 1979, The Poffo brothers began a feud in their father’s (Angelo Poffo) promotion, International Championship Wrestling, based in Lexington, KY.
– Savage defeated his brother on March 13, 1979 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
– Savage left his father’s promotion, and on December 26, 1983, he captured his third NWA Mid-America title by beating Terry Taylor.
– Savage defeated Austin Idol for the AWA International title on April 23, 1984.
– On September 11, 1984, Savage pinned Pedro Morales to win the WWC North American title in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
– On March 17, 1985, Savage overcome Jerry “The King” Lawler for the NWA Southern title in Memphis, TN.
– In late 1985, Savage joined the World Wrestling Federation. His wife, Miss Elizabeth, became his manager.
– Savage used a pair of brass knuckles to defeat Tito Santana for the Intercontinental title on February 8, 1986 in Boston, MA.
– “The Macho Man” won a tournament at Wrestlemania IV, beating Ted DiBiase with Hulk Hogan’s assistance, to capture the WWF title.
– The duo of Savage and Hogan formed a tag team dubbed the “Mega Powers.” The team was doomed from the start, as their egos constantly clashed, and the two had a major fall out.
– In 1989, Miss Elizabeth left Savage, and “Sensational” Sherri became his new manager.
– Savage defeated “King” Hacksaw Jim Duggan in the summer of 1989. Savage christened himself as “The Macho King.”
– At Wrestlemania VII, Savage lost to the Ultimate Warrior in a brutal “retirement” match. Savage became a broadcaster on WWF “Superstars,” before being reinstated.
– On March 30, 1991, Savage defeated George Takano in Tokyo, Japan.
– Savage “married” Miss Elizabeth at the 1991 Summerslam.
– On April 5, 1992, at Wrestlemania VIII, Savage defeated Ric Flair for the WWF title.
– The “Macho Man” won the USWA title from Lawler on October 11, 1993.
– At Wrestlemania X in Madison Square Garden, Savage defeated Crush in a falls count anywhere match.
– In November 1994, Savage left the WWF and signed with WCW.
– Savage won the WCW title on November 26, 1995, in Norfolk, VA, when he outlasted 59 competitors in a 3 ring battle royal at “World War 3.”
– Flair took the title from Savage a month later, before Savage won the WCW title for a second time on January 22, 1996, during a televised match on “Nitro.”
– Savage defeated Hiroyoshi Tenzan on April 29, 1996 at the Egg Dome in Tokyo, Japan.
– On July 7, 1997, Savage, Sting, and Lex Luger faced “The Outsiders” and a partner of their choice. Hogan joined forces with Hall and Nash, as Hogan attacked the “Macho Man,” and created the New World Order.
– Savage regained the WCW title at Spring Stampede ’98 by defeating Sting.
– In 1999, Savage’s Team Madness consisted of himself, Sid Vicious, Gorgeous George, Madusa, and Miss Madness (Molly Holly).
– At the 1999 Bash at the Beach PPV in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Savage pinned Sting in a tag team match to capture the WCW title.
– Savage had a brief stint with WCW in 2000, but was not tendered a contract.
– Savage made his TNA debut at the Victory Road PPV.
– Savage, Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles defeated Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall at the Turning Point PPV in Orlando, FL.
– On March 28, 2015, Savage was inducted into the WWE hall of fame.

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