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Kaz Hayashi

Kaz Hayashi

Real name: Kazuhiro Hayashi
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 187 lbs.
Date of birth: May 12, 1973
Hometown: Setagaya Ward, Japan
Pro debut: November 1992
Trained at: WCW Power Plant
Finishing move: Crunch Loop


– On June 30, 1994, Hayashi (wrestling as Shiryu) competed in the WAR promotion’s six man tag team tournament with Masao Orihara and the Great Sasuke.
– Hayashi captured the Central America Middleweight title on August 3, 1996.
– On October 10, 1996, Shiryu, Taka Michinoku, Sho Funaki, Dick Togo and Mens Teioh defeated Gran Hamada, Gran Naniwa, Masato Yakushiji, Super Delfin and Tiger Mask IV at Sumo Hall.
– Hayashi was first booked by WCW for Superbrawl VIII in February 1998, and worked a dark match with the Ultimo Dragon.
– On April 2, 1998, Hayashi and Juventud Guerrera defeated Psicosis and El Dandy at WCW’s Malice at the Palace.
– Hayashi was put in a trio called the Jung Dragons along with Jimmy Yang and Jamie-San (Jamie Noble).
– Hayashi and Yang beat Evan Karagias and Jamie Knoble on January 14, 2001 at WCW’s Sin PPV.
– The WWF purchased Hayashi’s WCW contract and assigned him to the company’s developmental roster.
– With no plans to call him to the main roster, Yang was eventually released by WWE.
– Following his release, Hayashi agreed to join All Japan Pro Wrestling.
– In Spring 2002, Hayashi, Keiji Mutoh and George Hines won the Giant Baba Memorial six-man Tag Team Tournament.
– Hayashi, Yang and George Hines defeated Johnny Smith, Naniwa and Hijikata on AJPW’s Prefectural Gym PPV on July 17, 2002.
– On August 30, 2002, Hayashi defeated Yang in Tokyo, Japan to become number one contender for the AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Title.
– In September 2002, Hayashi and Yang won the AJPW Real World Junior Heavyweight Tag Team League.
– On March 22, 2003, Hayashi and Keiji Mutoh defeated Satoshi Kojima and Yang in Tokyo, Japan.
– At Michinoku Pro’s 10th Anniversary show on November 2, 2003, Shiryu (Hayashi), Togo, Teioh, Michinoku, and Hanzo Nakajima defeated Jinsei Shinzaki, Hayate, Kesen Numa-jiro, Kazuya Yuasa and Chi-Nen Hokkai in Tokyo.
– Hayashi and Kojima defeated Justin Credible and Jamal on December 2, 2003 to win the 27th Annual Real World Tag Team League.
– On January 2, 2004 in Tokyo, Hayashi (wrestling as Shiryu) and the Great Kosuke defeated Mr. Gannosuke and Tetsuhiro Kuroda for the All Asian Tag Team title.
– Hayashi defeated Taka Michinoku on February 22, 2004 in Tokyo, Japan to capture the PWF (Pacific Wrestling Federation) World Junior Heavyweight title.
– Hayashi and Spanky defeated Tatsuhito Takaiwa and Tomohiro Ishii in Tokyo, Japan on September 19, 2004 to win the NWA International Lightweight Tag Team title.
– On August 4, 2005, Hayashi pinned A.J. Styles in Tokyo.
– At Hustlemania ’05 in Yokohama, Japan, Hayashi and Jimmy Yang defeated Taiji Ishimori and Kota Ibuse.

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