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Real name: Sean Waltman
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 212 lbs.
Date of birth: July 13, 1972
From: Minneapolis, MN
Pro debut: 1990
Trained by: Dean Malenko &
Eddie Sharkey
Finishing move: X-Factor


– On April 12, 1990, the Lightning Kid (Waltman) defeated Matt Derringer for the PWA (Pro Wrestling America) Light Heavyweight title.
– The Lightning Kid defeated Derrick Dukes for the PWA Iron Horse Television title on April 20, 1990 in Mora, MN.
– On April 8, 1991, the Lightning Kid defeated Jerry Lynn for the PWA Light Heavyweight title.
– The Lighting Kid won a tournament to capture the GWF (Global Wrestling Federation) Junior Heavyweight title in Dallas, TX. The Kid defeated Lynn in the finals.
– On September 15, 1991, the Kid captured the same title from Chaz (Chaz Taylor) in Marietta, GA.
– In 1992, Waltman and Lynn toured Japan.
– The Lightning Kid and Lynn defeated Tony Denucci and Tommy Ferrera on March 2, 1993, for the PWA Tag Team title.
– On March 6, 1993, the Lightning Kid defeated Jimmy Jannetty for the MEWF (Mid-Eastern Wrestling Federation) Light Heavyweight title in Dundalk, MD.
– The Lightning Kid and Lynn beat Denucci and Ferrera on April 3, 1993, for the PWA Tag Team title.
– Waltman made his WWF debut in the spring of 1993, dropping his first match to Louie Spicolli (Rad Radford).
– Waltman lost a succession of matches, before pulling off a major upset pinning Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) on the May 17, 1993 edition of “Raw.” After the upset, Waltman was dubbed the 1-2-3 Kid.
– On January 10, 1994, the 1-2-3 Kid and Marty Jannetty captured the WWF World Tag Team title from the Quebecers.
– Bob “Hardcore” Holly and the 1-2-3 Kid teamed up to win the WWF World Tag Team title, defeating Bam Bam Bigelow and Tatanka in a tournament final at the 1995 Royal Rumble.
– The 1-2-3 Kid pinned Negro Casas on March 25, 1995 in Tokyo, Japan.
– Frustrated by his inconsistency, the Kid eventually sought the managerial guidance of “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. The move turned the Kid heel.
– The 1-2-3 Kid downed Keith Hart at Stu Hart’s Tribute Show on December 15, 1995 in Calgary, Alberta.
– At the 1996 Royal Rumble, the Kid interfered in the Razor Ramon-Goldust Intercontinental title match, allowing Goldust to win the title.
– Months later, Waltman signed with World Championship Wrestling.
– On September 16, 1996, Waltman joined the New World Order (NWO).
– Waltman (as now wrestling as Syxx) captured the WCW Cruiserweight title from Dean Malenko at SuperBrawl VII in San Francisco, CA.
– A neck injury sustained in October 1997 put Waltman out of action indefinitely. With his chronic injuries, and the professional relationship between Eric Bischoff and Waltman’s friends Kevin Nash and Scott Hall deteriorating, Syxx became a sacrificial lamb and was terminated on March 9, 1998.
– One night after Wrestlemania XIV, he was introduced on “Raw” as the newest member of Degeneration X. He used the occasion to shoot on Bischoff and “Hollywood” Hogan, claiming that Hall and Nash were being held hostage by WCW.
– On September 15, 1998, X-Pac captured the WWF European title from D-Lo Brown.
– Two weeks later, Brown regained the title, but X-Pac took the title back at Judgment Day ’98.
– In early 1999, X-Pac feuded with Shane McMahon.
– Kane and X-Pac defeated Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart for the WWF World Tag Team title on March 30, 1999, during the “Raw” television tapings.
– Billy Gunn turned on X-Pac on the May 2, 1999 edition of “Sunday Night Heat.”
– Kane and X-Pac defeated Brown and Mark Henry at the 1999 Over the Edge PPV in Kansas City, MO.
– At Fully Loaded ’99, X-Pac and the Road Dogg defeated Gunn and Chyna for the rights to the DX name.
– X-Pac defeated Kane, Faarooq, and Bradshaw in a four corners match at the 1999 No Mercy in Cleveland, OH.
– Tori turned her back on Kane, and became X-Pac’s valet.
– At No Way Out 2000, X-Pac pinned Kane.
– X-Pac and the Road Dogg defeated the Dudley Boyz at Judgment Day 2000 in a table’s match and at the King of the Ring 2000.
– At Summerslam 2000, X-Pac defeated the Road Dogg with his X-Factor finisher.
– On the September 25, 2000 edition of “Raw,” X-Pac defeated Chris Jericho in a first blood match.
– X-Pac missed several weeks of action due to a neck injury in the fall of 2000.
– After a three-month absence from television, X-Pac returned on the February 12, 2001 episode of “Raw” to interfere in an Intercontinental title match between Jericho and Eddy Guerrero.
– A short time later, X-Pac and Justin Credible formed X-Factor with Albert.
– At Backlash ’01 in Chicago, IL, X-Factor defeated the Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray, D-Von, and Little Spike) in a six-man tag team match.
– On June 25, 2001, X-Pac pinned Jeff Hardy for the WWF Light Heavyweight title in New York, NY.
– On the July 30, 2001 edition of “Raw,” X-Pac pinned Billy Kidman in Philadelphia, PA for the WCW Cruiserweight title.
– At Summerslam ’01, X-Pac defeated Tajiri to reclaim the WWF Light Heavyweight title in San Jose, CA.
– After months away from television due to an injury, X-Pac joined Hall and Nash in the New World Order on the March 21, 2002 episode of “Smackdown.”
– At Insurrextion ’02 in London, England, X-Pac pinned Bradshaw.
– In the summer of 2002, X-Pac and WWE decided to part ways.
– Waltman made his NWA TNA PPV debut on September 18, 2002, reuniting with long time friend Scott Hall.
– On the October 9, 2002 TNA PPV in Nashville, TN, Syxx-Pac won a free for all ladder match to capture the X division title.
– On February 28, 2003, X-Pac defeated Kaos in Los Angeles, CA to win the XPW Television title.
– In February 2005, Waltman announced that he was TNA bound.
– At the Against All Odds PPV, Waltman returned to TNA doing a run-in during the show’s main event, Jeff Jarrett vs. Kevin Nash.
– At the 2005 Lockdown PPV, Waltman, BG James and Diamond Dallas Page defeated Jeff Jarrett, Monty Brown and the Outlaw (Billy Gunn).
– Waltman (hand picked by Larry Zbyszko) defeated Raven at the 2006 Final Resolution PPV.
– On February 9, 2006 in Los Angeles, Waltman and Vampiro co-won a “rumble death” match at a MTV pilot taping.

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