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Hector Garza


Real name: Hector Solano Segura
Height: 5’11″
Weight: 209 lbs.
Date of birth: June 12, 1969
Date of death: May 26, 2013
Born: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Pro debut: September 4, 1992
Trained by: Mario Segura
Finishing move: Huracarrana


- Garza made his ring debut in Monterray, Nuevo Leon on September 4, 1992.
- On April 7, 1995 at Arena Mexico, Garza defeated Satanico in a “hair vs. hair” match. Garza defeated Satanico in a “hair vs. hair” rematch on December 15, 1995.
- On August 4, 1995, Garza won the hair of El Brazo.
- From February 23, 1996 to March 31, 1996, Garza competed and won the CMLL 2nd Generation Tournament, defeating Emilio Charles Jr. in the finals.
- In June 1996, Garza captured the UWA (Universal Wrestling Association) World Middleweight title.
- On July 29, 1996, Garza won Pirata Morgan’s hair.
- At Royal Rumble ’97, Garza, Perro Aguato and El Canek defeated Heavy Metal, Jerry Estrada and Fuerza Guerrera.
- At WCW’s Bash at the Beach ’97, Garza, Juventud Guerrera and Lizmark Jr. defeated La Parka, Psicosis and Villian IV.
- On December 26, 1999 in Monterrey, Garza captured the IWC (International Wrestling Council) World Heavyweight Title.
- On April 30, 2000 in Monterrey, Mexico, Garza captured the Mexican Light Heavyweight title.
- On June 17, 2000 at the AAA/EMLL Supershow, Tarzan Bo (EMLL), Latin Lover (AAA) and Garza (AAA) defeated Team EMLL (Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Buccanero and Satanico).
- Garza and Perro Aguayo Jr. captured the Mexican Tag Team title on July 9, 2000 in Osaka, Japan.
- On February 7, 2002 at the AAA Cuautitlan show, Garza and Heavy Metal Perro Aguayo Jr. and Gronda.
- Garza claimed the Mexican Heavyweight championship on May 5, 2002, by defeating Latin Lover.
- Garza, Guerrera, Mr. Aguila and Abismo Negro defeated Eric Young, Sharkboy, Chad Collyer and Stryker on the January 28, 2004 NWA TNA PPV.
- On June 20, 2004, Garza, Latin Lover, and Gronda defeated Abyss, Chessman, and Abismo Negro at the 12th version of TripleMania in Naucalpan before 16,000 fans.
- A short time later, Garza quit AAA.
- At CMLL’s 71st anniversary show in Mexico City, Garza, Aguaygo Jr. and El Terrible defeated El Hijo del Santo, Negro Casas and Shocker in a best of 3 falls match.
- At TNA’s Victory Road PPV in Orlando, FL, Garza won a 20 man gauntlet battle royal.
- Garza, Sonjay Dutt and Sonny Siaki defeated Kid Kash, Frankie Kazarian and Michael Shane at the Turning Point PPV.
- On August 19, 2005 at Arena Mexico, Garza defeated Pierroth in a hair vs. hair match.
- On February 16, 2007, Garza, Perro Aguayo Jr., and Mr. Aguila defeated Atlantis, Ultimo Guerrero, and Tarzan Boy at Arena Mexico to capture the CMLL Trios titles.
- Garza and Mistico defeated Avereno and Mephisto on March 10, 2008 in Pueblo to capture the CMLL Tag Team titles.

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