The Blue Meanie

Nov 2, 2009 - by Jamie Cruickshank

blue meanie

Real name: Brian Heffron
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 295 lbs.
Date of birth: May 18, 1973
Hometown: Atlantic City, NJ
Pro debut: 1995
Trained by: Al Snow
Finishing move: Moonsault


– Heffron debuted as the Zebra Kid, and also wrestled under his real name.
– In mid 1995, Heffron met Raven (Scott Levy), who brought him to ECW as part of his nest. The promotion hired Rollins initially on a part time basis.
– In 1996, the Blue Meanie formed a tag team with “Dancing” Stevie Richards.
– Blue Meanie, Richards, and Super Nova formed the Blue World Order (BWO).
– In February 1997, ECW arrived on “Raw” to confront Jerry Lawler. Da Blue Guy (as he was dubbed at the time) was in the corner of “Big Stevie Cool” when he defeated Little Guido.
– On November 8, 1997, the Meanie defeated Jason at the ECW Arena.
– When Raven and Stevie Richards departed for WCW, the Meanie formed a regular tag team with Super Nova.
– The Meanie and Cactus Jack defeated Frank Steletto and Lou Marconi in Irwin, PA. for the SCW tag team title.
– At WrestlePalooza ’98, the Meanie and Super Nova defeated the Full Blooded Italians (Smothers and Guido).
– On August 29, 1998, Tommy Dreamer, Blue Meanie, and Super Nova beat Jack Victory, Danny Doring, and Mike Lozanski at the ECW Arena.
– The Blue Meanie and Super Nova beat Danny Doring and Amish Roadkill at the 1998 November to Remember in New Orleans, Louisiana.
– On November 22, 1998, the Meanie and Super Nova captured the SCW Tag Team title from High Society in Irwin, PA. The Meanie won the promotion’s television title on January 17, 1999.
– The Meanie next became affiliated with Al Snow’s JOB Squad.
– The JOB Squad with the Blue Meanie arrived in the WWF.
– Richards and the Meanie reformed their tag team in the NWA.
– The Meanie and Goldust started a feud in 1999.
– In 2000, the WWF sent the Blue Meanie to Memphis Championship Wrestling.
– In June 2000, the WWF released the Meanie.
– On July 8, 2000 a trimmed down Blue Meanie made a surprise appearance at the ECW Arena with his girlfriend, Jasmine St. Claire.
– On July 17, 2002, Heffron did a run in during a St. Claire-Francine catfight on a NWA TNA PPV, and DDT-ed Francine.
– The Blue Meanie defeated JBL on the July 7, 2005 edition of “Smackdown.”
– On February 2, 2006, The Blue Meanie defeated Amy Lee in Philadelphia to capture the DWOW (Dangerous Women of Wrestling) title.

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