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Alan Funk


Real name: Alan Funk
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 220 lbs.
Born: Alliance, OH
Pro debut: September 1998
Trained at: WCW Power Plant
Finishing move: The Fruit Loop


– Funk first debuted for WCW under his real name. He regularly teamed with Mike Sanders on WCW’s Saturday night program.
– On the July 19, 2000 edition of “Thunder,” Funk made his debut as Kwee Wee, a wardrobe designer for WCW. He was immediately admired by Paisley.
– On the July 31, 2000 edition of “Nitro,” Kwee Wee defeated The Artist. Paisley left with him after the bout.
– In the beginning of August 2000, Kwee Wee had a brief stint with “Papaya” (the WWF’s B.B.), his “wife.” But she left the company within a week.
– On the August 31, 2000 “Thunder,” Kwee Wee got a shot at Jeff Jarrett’s WCW World title, but was unsuccessful
– The following week, Kwee Wee was successful in a #1 contenders match for the WCW Crusierweight title over Lt. Loco to earn a shot at Elix Skipper at Fall Brawl.
– At the ’00 Fall Brawl, Kwee Wee was not able to take the title away from Skipper.
– On the September 20, 2000 edition of “Thunder,” Kwee Wee helped Paisley to defeat Torrie Wilson.
– On the November 15, 2000 episode of “Thunder,” Kwee Wee won a six man Crusierweight title #1 contender match over Cpl. Cajun, Lt. Loco, Rey Misterio Jr., Billy Kidman, and Elix Skipper.
– At Mayhem however, Mike Sanders (Champion) was able to defeated Kwee Wee even after a Paisley Handspring elbow.
– Funk next turned up in NWA-TNA as Bruce. He formed a tag team with Lenny Lane, calling themselves the Rainbow express.
– On the July 31, 2002 TNA PPV, Bruce defeated Taylor Vaughn to become Miss TNA.
-The following week, he successful defended the “title” against Vaughn again. This time in an evening gown match.
– On the August 28, 2002 TNA PPV, Bruce defeated April Hunter to retain the Miss TNA “title.”
– By the end of 2002, Funk reverted back to “Angry” Alan Funk, a persona formed during his stint as a WWE developmental wrestler.
– On September 27, 2003, Funk broke several facial bones in a tag team match in Helsinki, Finland.

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