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Chad Collyer


Real name: Chad Collyer
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 218 lbs.
Date of birth: December 12, 1974
Born: Liberty, IN
Pro debut: December 6, 1997
Trained by: Dean Malenko
Finishing move: Full Nelson Suplex


– Prior to his pro career, Collyer wrestled as a collegiate at Manchester College (Indiana), and was twice an NCAA national finalist.
– In August 1997, Collyer enrolled at Dean Malenko’s wrestling school.
– In his pro debut match, Collyer faces Jet Jaguar in St. Petersburg, FL.
– On February 6, 1999, Collyer defeated HWA Cruiserweight Champion Tarek the Great by DQ
– In the summer of 1999, Collyer trained at the Michinoku Pro Dojo in Japan
– In January 2001, Collyer made several appearances on WWF B-shows
– In May 2001, Collyer wrestled on two All Japan shows
– On February 13, 2002, Collyer defeated Shannon Moore & Matt Stryker in a 3-Way Match to win the HWA Cruiserweight Title
– Over the next month, Collyer retained the title against Shannon Moore, Jamie Knoble and Matt Stryker
– On March 5, 2002, Collyer defeated Shannon Moore to retain the HWA Cruiserweight Title
– On April 5, 2002, Collyer signed a WWF development deal. Despite signing a 3-year deal, he was released in July
– In October 2002, Collyer embarked on a tour of England with All-Star Promotions
– On December 7, 2002, Collyer made his ROH debut, losing to The American Dragon
– Despite his release, Collyer continued to make WWE dark match/B-Show appearances throughout 2003
– On May 2, 2003, Collyer won a 23-Man Battle Royal to win the HWA Heavyweight Title
– The next day, Collyer defeated Matt Stryker to retain the HWA Heavyweight Title
– On October 15, 2003, Collyer made his TNA debut, losing to Chris Sabin
– On November 9, 2003, Collyer defeated CAPW Heavyweight Champion Adam Cage by DQ
– On December 7, 2003, Collyer defeated Adam Cage to win the CAPW Heavyweight Title
– On January 18, 2004, Collyer defeated Matt Stryker to retain the CAPW Heavyweight Title
– On February 15, 2004, Collyer defeated Raymond Rowe to retain the CAPW Heavyweight Title
– In June 2004, Collyer joined TNA’s Elite Guard stable
– At Death Before Dishonor II, Collyer defeated Danny Daniels
– In August 2004, Collyer wrestled two shows for New Japan under the name ‘Chad Malenko’
– On December 9, 2004, Collyer defeated HWA Heavyweight Champion Rory Fox by DQ
– In mid-December 2004, Collyer worked two more WWE dark matches, losing to Val Venis and Nunzio
– On January 11, 2005, Collyer defeated Brian Beech to win the HWA Television Title
– In February 2005, Collyer began a lengthy tour of Europe
– On September 12, 2006, Collyer defeated Jon Moxley to win the HWA Heavyweight Title
– On October 31, 2006, Collyer defeated Dick Rick in a Title vs Career Match to retain the HWA Heavyweight Title
– On September 2, 2007, Collyer made another appearance on WWE Heat, losing to Jim Duggan
– On October 2, 2007, Collyer appeared on Smackdown, teaming with Mike Tolar in a loss to Jesse & Festus
– In November 2007, Collyer debuted a new masked character, ‘Metal Master’
– On November 10, 2007, Metal Master fought NWA Midwest Champion Jay Ryan to a double countout
– In 2008, Collyer competed almost exclusively in England
– On May 12, 2009, Collyer appeared on ECW, losing to Vladimir Kozlov
– On September 10, 2010, Collyer defeated Marc Houston to win the NWA Indiana Heritage Title
– 5 days later, The Metal Master defeated Ali to win the OVW Television Title
– Over the next month, The Metal Master would retain the OVW Television Title against Raul Lamotta, Chris Michaels, Kushida and Mohammed Ali Vaez
– In 2012, Collyer took a break from wrestling. He would return to action for the UK’s ASW promotion in 2015

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