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Jimmy Hart


Real name: Jimmy Hart
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 166 lbs.
Born: January 1, 1943
Hometown: Memphis, TN


– The first grappler Hart managed was none other than Jerry “The King” Lawler.
– During his days in Memphis, Hart managed the likes of the massive King Kong Bundy, Rick Rude, and Eddy Gilbert.
– In 1982, Hart earned national headlines doing a program with comedian and television star Andy Kaufman.
– In 1983 and 1984, Hart led Austin Idol, Masao Ito, and Gilbert to CWA (Championship Wrestling Association) International titles.
– Hillbilly Jim recommended Hart to WWF owner Vince McMahon, who brought the outspoken manager to New York.
– At Wrestlemania I, Hart managed King Kong Bundy as he defeated S.D. (“Special Delivery”) Jones in a mere 17 seconds.
– In the mid 80’s, Hart took the Funk Family under his wing. The Funks included Dory Jr., Terry, Hoss, and Jimmy Jack.
– Despite not being related to “The Hitman,” Hart managed the Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart).
– On January 26, 1987, Hart guided his new tag team past the British Bulldogs for the WWF World Tag Team title.
– Hart led the Hart Foundation and former referee Danny Davis over the British Bulldogs and Tito Santana at Wrestlemania III in Pontiac, Mich.
– When the Honkeytonk Man turned heel, Jimmy Hart became his manager. The Honkeytonk Man called Hart The Colonel.
– With Hart in his corner, the Honkeytonk Man captured the Intercontinental title from Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat on June 2, 1987.
– Later in 1987, Hart was named Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Manager of the Year. He won the award again in 1994.
– When the Hart Foundation severed ties with Jimmy, Hart managed the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers to feud with his former team.
– In 1990, Hart managed the short-lived team Rhythm and Blues (The Honkeytonk Man and Greg Valentine).
– On March 24, 1991, Hart led the Nasty Boys past the Hart Foundation for the WWF World Tag Team title at Wrestlemania VII in Los Angles.
– Hart managed Money Inc. (Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster) to two WWF World Tag Team titles in 1992.
– Hulk Hogan recruited Hart to manage him in WCW, and to help write music for his new television show, “Thunder in Paradise.”
– Hart left the WWF with a handshake from McMahon. The WWF chairman told him the door was always open for a return to the company.
– In WCW, Hart formed the Dungeon of Doom stable, which included the likes of Hugh Morrus, The Barbarian, Meng (Haku), and The Giant (The Big Show).
– After the demise of the Dungeon of Doom, Hart created the First Family. Brian Knobs, Jerry Flynn, The Barbarian, and Morrus made up the group.
– Hart was placed in charge of booking TBS’s WCW Saturday Night show prior to the program’s cancellation.
– At Spring Stampede 2000 in Chicago, Hart faced radio personality Mancow. The two had a rematch later in the year at Mayhem.
– In February 2001, Hart joined WCW’s booking committee.
– Hart was inducted into the WWE hall of fame on April 2, 2005.
– Hart was revealed to be the Natural’s legendary advisor at TNA’s Slammiversary PPV.
– On January 31, 2015, Hart was voted into the GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame.

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