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Freddie Blassie

Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Real name: Freddie Kenneth Blassie
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 230 lbs.
Date of birth: February 8, 1918
Date of death: June 2, 2003
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Pro debut: 1935
Trained by: Billy Hanson
Finishing move: Southern Neck Breaker


– On February 8, 1954 in Birmingham, AL, Blassie defeated Don McIntyre to claim the NWA Southern Heavyweight title. Blassie regained the title in April 1954 by defeating Ray Ullmer.
– Blassie regained the Southern title in May 1954 by defeating Mr. Moto and again in August 1955 by again defeating Don McIntyre in September 1955 in Macon, GA.
– On November 15, 1954, Blassie beat Kinji Shibuya via a decision in Madison Square Garden.
– Blassie defeated Red McIntrye on November 25, 1955 for the NWA Southern title.
– In December 1955, Blassie and “brother” Bill (Bill McDaniels) captured the southern version of the NWA World Tag Team title.
– The Blassie brothers defeated Don McIntyre and Jerry Graham on December 23, 1955 to regain the NWA World Tag Team title in Atlanta, GA.
– On October 19, 1956, Blassie defeated Bull Curry to regain the NWA Southern title.
– Blassie defeated Mike Clancy in a controversial match for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight title on March 26, 1957.
– In June 1957, Blassie and Kurt Von Brauner held the Georgia version of the International Tag Team title.
– Blassie defeated Tor Yamato on April 8, 1958 in Nashville, TN for the Southern Junior Heavyweight title.
– On June 13, 1958, Blassie pinned Don McIntyre to recapture the NWA Southern title. Blassie again defeated McIntyre on August 8, 1958 to reclaim the Southern title.
– Blassie defeated Ray Gunkel on September 5, 1958 to win the NWA Southern title. Blassie would once again defeat Gunkel on January 2, 1959 to regain the title.
– Blassie and Bob Shipp defeated Gunkel and Nick Roberts on October 10, 1958 to capture the International Tag Team title in Atlanta.
– On June 19, 1959, Blassie defeated Dick Gunkel in Atlanta to reclaim the Southern title. Blassie defeated Dick Gunkel three additional times between August 1959 and April 1960.
– In December 1959, Blassie regained the Southern title from Ray Gunkel.
– Blassie beat Eric Pederson on May 20, 1960 to reclaim the Southern title.
– Blassie defeated Don McIntrye on October 21, 1960 to regain the Southern title.
– On November 11, 1960, Blassie defeated Tiny Evans for the Southern title in a “hair vs. hair” match.
– On June 21, 1961, Blassie defeated Edouard Carpentier in Los Angeles, CA for the WWA (World Wrestling Alliance) title.
– Blassie defeated Lou Thesz on July 21, 1961. Two weeks later, Blassie defeated Dick Hutton.
– In January 1962, Blassie and Mr. Moto defeated Hans Hermann and Jesus Ortega for the California version of the WWA International TV Tag Team title.
– Blassie defeated Rikidozan to regain the WWA title on July 25, 1962 when the referee stopped the match due to a deep gash in Rikidozan’s forehead.
– On November 9, 1962, Blassie defeated Grizzy Smith in Atlanta for the World Heavyweight title (recognized in Georgia).
– On May 10, 1963, Blassie defeated the Destroyer (Dick Beyer) in Los Angeles to regain the WWA title.
– Blassie and Don Leo Johnson defeated Bearcat Wright and Mr. Moto on August 3, 1963 for the WWA International TV Tag Team title in San Bernardino, CA.
– On January 30, 1964, Blassie defeated Carpentier to once again capture the WWA title.
– Blassie and Mr. Moto defeated the Destroyer and Hard Boiled Haggerty on October 27, 1964 for the WWA World Tag Team title in Long Beach, CA.
– On August 11, 1967, Blassie served as a special referee for a Mike DiBiase-Mark Lewin WWA title match. In the end, Blassie screwed Lewin out of the title.
– Blassie defeated Lewin on August 25, 1967 to capture the NWA Americas Heavyweight title.
– On October 20, 1967, Blassie and Buddy Austin beat Pedro Morales and Victor Riveria for the WWA World Tag Team title.
– Blassie and Austin defeated Morales and Antonio Pugliese for the WWA World Tag Team title on December 15, 1967.
– In 1968, Blassie was recognized as the Southern California Brass Knux champion. after defeating Buddy Austin.
– On January 10, 1969, Blassie defeated Bobo Brazil to regain the NWA Americas title.
– Blassie defeated the Sheik on April 11, 1969 to recapture the NWA Americas title.
– On April 23, 1969, Blassie defeated Bobby Burns for the Pacific Coast Heavyweight title.
– Blassie defeated El Medico (Luis Hernandez) on January 15, 1970 for the Southern California Brass Knux title.
– On January 16, 1970, Blassie and Don Carson beat El Medico and Pepe Lopez for the NWA Americas Tag Team title.
– Blassie regained the NWA Americas title by beating Rocky Johnson on March 6, 1970.
– Blassie again defeated Johnson on April 15, 1970 for the California TV Beat the Champ title in Hollywood, CA.
– On November 13, 1970, Blassie defeated Buddy Colt in Atlanta for the NWA Georgia Heavyweight title.
– Blassie defeated Shibuya to once again capture the NWA Americas title on April 23, 1971.
– On August 27, 1971, Blassie defeated John Tolos in Los Angeles.
– In late 1973, Vince McMahon Sr. offered Blassie a job as a full-time manager.
– In February 1974, the California State Athletic Commission no longer allowed Blassie to wrestle.
– In 1976, Blassie managed boxing legend Muhammad Ali during his shoot match against Antonio Inoki in Japan.
– Blassie was in the Iron Sheik’s corner on December 26, 1983 in New York, NY, when Arnold Skoaland threw in the towel allowing the Iron Sheik to capture the WWF title.
– At Wrestlemania I, Blassie guided the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff over Mike Rotundo and Barry Windham for the WWF World Tag Team title.
– On June 8, 2003, All Japan Pro Wrestling honored Blassie with a special ceremony before a live show in Yokohama.
– On September 1, 2012, Blassie was voted into the GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame.

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