Nigel McGuinness

Sep 5, 2009 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real name: Steven Haworth
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 220 lbs.
Date of birth: January 23, 1976
From: London, England
Pro debut: September 1999
Trained by: Les Thatcher
Finishing move: Jawbreaker Lariat


– On July 10, 2001, McGuinness defeated Dean Jablonski in a singles match with the HWA Tag Team Championship on the line (the co-holder of the title, Chet Jablonski, was indisposed), claiming the title for himself and his partner, The Human Time Bomb.
– In 2003, McGuinness introduced the HWA European Championship to HWA.
– McGuinness won the HWA Heavyweight title by defeating Chad Collyer on September 6, 2003 in Batavia, OH.
– At Undeniable on October 6, 2007, McGuinness defeated Takeshi Morishima to win the ROH World title.
– In October 2009, McGuiness signed with TNA and changed his ring name to Desmond Wolfe.
– At TNA Genesis ’10, Wolfe defeated D’Angelino Dinero.
– After a long hiatus from the ring, TNA brought back Wolfe as the Xplosion commissioner.
– In June 2011, TNA released Wolfe. A short time later, he returned to ROH as Nigel McGuinness, working a commentator
– Between November and December 2011, McGuinness wrestled several dates, billing it as the ‘Nigel McGuinness Retirement Tour’. In his final match on December 17, he lost to TJ Phillips at an APWA event
– In November 2012, McGuinness replaced Jim Cornette as ROH’s authority figure
– In December 2016, McGuinness left ROH and signed with WWE. He was unveiled as one of the announcers for WWE’s UK Title Tournament

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